Pilots cross the ocean after being warned of a collision with another aircraft before take-off

Pilots cross the ocean after being warned of a collision with another aircraft before take-off
Post-event flight – Picture: Radarbox

A very serious situation caught the attention of the next few days due to the decision of the pilots to proceed with the aircraft after being informed that their aircraft might have collided before take off.

The most serious thing is that the collision actually happened, so the damaged plane completed a long overseas flight.

Because communication frequency messages are recorded, The video is available at the end of this articleThe incident took place on June 17 at JFK International Airport in New York.

At that point, one of the pilots of the Boeing 777-200ER, a registration F-GSPQ from Air France Flight AF008, contacted the ground control of the North American airport to report that his plane had crashed into another taxi.

He reported that he was ranked 9th and that an ITA Airways plane had crashed into them during their taxi ride, so it was important to warn pilots not to take off.

Airbus A330-200 – Image: ITA Airways

Even in a very serious situation, the ground controller, instead of giving an immediate warning to the control tower, requested that the Air France pilot write a telephone number of the control tower to inform the controller of the situation.

Following the incident, the recording shows the control tower controller warning ITA airways pilots that, however, the jet was flying at that moment.

The air traffic controller says there was a collision with the taxi and the pilots ask if there was any damage to the plane. ITA Airways continues its flight saying there is no pilot.

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The aircraft involved was the Airbus A330-200, registration EI-EJL, and the passenger plane was carrying the AZ-611. About 9 hours later he arrived in Rome, Italy, fortunately without any problems, ABC NewsHe was injured in the incident.

RadarBox platform data Online tracking records show that the Airbus A330 was inactive for three days before departing for another commercial flight.

And according to Radarbox dataAir France Boeing 777 remained stationary in New York until nine days after the incident.

The video below presents the day’s communication in English, but depending on the device used, it is possible to use the settings in the corner of the player to add subtitles and enable their automatic translation into Portuguese.

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