Pilot of plane crashes: An inexperienced passenger makes an amazing landing

Pilot of plane crashes: An inexperienced passenger makes an amazing landing

An inexperienced man successfully landed a plane in Florida after the pilot fell ill.

The story caused a stir across the Atlantic. This Tuesday, Florida air traffic controllers received a call from a small private plane, and the pilot became ill. A passenger warned. “My pilot is incompatible. I do not know how to fly,” we hear on a radio recording from the local channel WPBF. Parisian.

With no other solution, the controllers were able to guide the passenger and locate the aircraft. Fortunately, the improved pilot was able to gauge the support of Robert Morgan, a flight instructor who was with the controllers. “I tried to calm him down He was really calm. “The second is underlined.

“A real relief to help him”

“Helping him was a real relief because he had never flown before,” he continues, according to our colleagues. TF1. “I knew that if he could get off the plane’s nose and go to the big runway, he could land as long as he’s not panicking.”

When the passenger successfully completes the landing, the emotion on the part of the air traffic controllers becomes apparent. Says Robert Morgan, “I felt like I was going to cry, and there was a lot of adrenaline,” says Robert Morgan. It has not been revealed who the hero of the day was. All we know is that he went to his pregnant wife after his exploitation. The commercial pilot was taken to hospital.

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