Pierre Perrett talks about his love for Ireland

Pierre Perrett talks about his love for Ireland

His home, which he bought twenty years ago, is in the most advanced part of Connemara, Clifford. “The sea in front and my house are planted on high rocks, and it’s magnificent.” Pierre Perrett, who is in love with Ireland, was the guest of Europe 1 on Thursday. Abundance of colors, song of rain, fly fishing … on the show How are we going?, The singer and lyricist spoke about the reasons for setting his sights on Green Island. An island that inspires him and describes him as “magical”.

Every 100 meters, “a different picture”

“Nothing is more unpredictable than Ireland”, confirms Pierre Perrett, with landscapes changing from kilometer to kilometer. “You can only see a mountain, a glittering place, green there – because that color is important there – it’s a miracle when the sheep are stuck in the middle!”

“There is not enough palette to wake up the sunset that can be seen in the evenings.” For Pierre Perrett, Ireland has something indescribable, “It’s a delight to the eyes”. Color changes are linked to changes in the Irish climate, which Pierre Perret enjoys. “In Ireland, everything changes all day,” he says, “and my favorite music is mobile taps.” Unexpected rain, he continues. “After a quarter of an hour there is a sun, you go fishing, you get a shower to lie on the boat, and then you take a fish”, the singer laughs.

His passion for fly fishing led him to Irish waters. “There’s no one there, this is my wild part,” he smiled. “There’s absolutely comforting beautiful trout rivers. It’s a different picture at every different turn. Picasso, Renoir … This is amazing. One hundred yards after one hundred yards, you’ll never see it in Ireland, it’s amazing, it’s great.”

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Irish, “Summary of Simplicity”

A formula says we are leaving for Ireland and we are going back to the Irish. “Irish is a symbol of simplicity, intelligence and compassion”, many Pierre Perrett. “The Irishman is a joy”. Moreover, the singer explains that no one is alone in Ireland. “If you’re alone for lunch, you ‘ll be at the bar, you’re not alone anymore. There’s a complication, a natural and spontaneous friendship!”

In addition, through the small villages and small cemeteries built by the Celtic crosses, Pierre Perret raises the “Niguity” that pervades Ireland’s air. The small villages where the soul was preserved, a life we ​​find little more often in France, explains Pierre Perrett. “There are still a lot of small shops out there, small shops out there that hold up and always welcome you with a smile. I agree that only in Ireland can you really find the tone of life.”

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