Physicists create 3D light

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The creators hope to use this light to store and process data on quantum computers.

According to the journal Nature Communications, physicists were able to create three-dimensional light similar to what is called a skirmone, a type of magnetic vortex that appears intermittently inside certain objects. Studying this will help in discovering new data storage systems.

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Mark Dennis, a professor at the University of Birmingham, says: “We’ve made great strides in studying two – dimensional skirmins, but we’re not yet clear how to reproduce them in three – dimensional.

Skyrmions are quantum particles with a negative center and positively charged edges, similar in structure and shape to a miniature magnetic vortex. They are highly stable structures that allow the spindle to be used as durable and economical memory cells for quantum computers.

As you know, in recent years, scientists have discovered several ways to create two – dimensional analogs of skirmishes within different magnetic fields. This allows you to create new types of storage devices. But the lack of a clear idea among physicists about the nature of these particles in three-dimensional space hinders progress in this area.

Now British scientists, in collaboration with colleagues from Germany and Japan, have made significant progress in solving this problem, creating the first three-dimensional optical analog of Skyrmiones using two laser beams and a series of optical devices that allow light. “Twist” in a particular way.

Using this method, the researchers were able to change the polarization of the laser beams and their phase characteristics, because their integration led to the formation of a funnel-shaped structure, which led to the repetition of magnetic properties in it. This method allowed researchers to determine the exact shape of a three-dimensional quasi-particle and to study its structure and properties in detail.

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The researchers hope that these results will help Skyrmiones’ magnetic properties to be more accurately controlled, which could in the near future match their optical rivals for quantum computers and new types of computers for data storage and information processing.

Source: TASS

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