Physicist testifies to discover why we have not yet seen aliens and that it is frightening

Physicist testifies to discover why we have not yet seen aliens and that it is frightening

But Alexander Beresin, a physicist at the National University of Electronics Technology in Russia, has an idea of ​​his own. He called his invented solution to the Fermi paradox “coming first, coming last.” According to this theory, a civilization capable of expanding throughout the universe will sooner or later destroy all other civilizations.

However, scientists do not think the alien race will be particularly brutal. They may not pay attention to us, because the expansion of the universe is more important than ours.

“They don’t care as much as builders destroying ants to build a house. Conserving ants seems pointless, ”the physicist wrote in his book, which has not yet been published because it has not been tested by other scientists.

Will humans conquer the universe?

As his ess fades, there is a cruel side to the assumption. In the opinion of the scientist, we are here because we are still not ants. We are the destroyers of the future of countless civilizations.

“If the theory presented is correct, what does it say about our future? The only explanation is the ethnographic principle. We were the first to arrive [tarpžvaigždinį] Stage, we’m likely to give it up last, ”A. Beresin explains.

A. The solution to the paradox discovered by Beresin simplifies many hypotheses. For example, the most common definition of life relies on seven criteria, but Beresin focuses on only one thing – growth. Growth encourages civilization to expand beyond the native planet, and if the need for development becomes a major force in civilization, it will destroy other living things that exist in the universe. Two historical examples of such a force are colonialism and capitalism.

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Is this the end? Do we have to go into space and conquer it? A. Beresin wants to believe his theory is wrong. Another condition necessary for his invented solution is that only the nearest life can be found. So, if we can find an alien life form before we go down the path of destruction, we can become a successful civilization.

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