Photosynthesis is possible in the clouds of Venus

Photosynthesis is possible in the clouds of Venus

We often know Venus because of its incredibly high surface temperature and large atmosphere of carbon dioxide, so we do not think it is very habitable. However, studies have shown that photosynthesis can occur in the planet’s atmosphere.

Using advanced technology, we had the opportunity to explore and study the various planets in space. But, unfortunately, it is not possible for us to travel to these planets as it is today. Since there is no other planet on our agenda as suitable for life as ours, it is a matter of debate whether this is a loss or not.

For queried trips –Because they are the closest– Studying for the planets in our solar system. In this context Of Elon Musk And dreams of Mars NASA To send humans back to the moon Artemis We often hear about your mission. Venus also appears from time to time in these subjects. Although it seems unlikely that humans will travel to and from the planet, this is evidence that other species can live there. Through research Here we are.

Photosynthesis can occur in Venus clouds:

Last year, scientists discovered the atmosphere of Venus. Phosphine He said they found the gas and started discussions. This gas, which is rare in our world, is a gas that can grow without the need for oxygen. Anaerobic bacteria Indicates its existence, Venus’ clouds are also airless.

A biochemist based on the debates Rakesh Mogul Works under the leadership of California Polytechnic State University Work crew that can pass through the Venus clouds Sunlight Status checked. By collecting data from their own studies and previous studies, researchers have been able to determine the amount of light that can pass through clouds.

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Scientists used data from Russia’s Venus exploration between 1967 and 1983 to examine the amount of sunlight penetrating Venus’ clouds.

By drawing the previous measurements, the researchers were able to calculate the amount of light inside the clouds, and determined that the radiation in the clouds between the center and bottom of Venus, which has a lot of photosynthetic life, is similar to that on the Earth’s surface. But the light level alone is not enough to prove it.

Is acid water in the clouds of Venus?


This is where the water level applies. It has been said before that Venus clouds cannot sustain life. This is because of the clouds in the middle. 75 percent, Below 98 percent Found in It was sulfuric acid.

But when Mogul and his team reviewed the data, Not sulfuric acidSuch as ammonium bisulfate of sulfuric acid A neutral form Proved to be possible. If this is the case, contrary to popular belief, Venus’ clouds are low in acid More water activities May occur.

Of course, great studies and new studies are needed to finalize these. But it is very interesting that even such a possibility exists on the planet of hell.


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