Photographer records rare lightning with ‘fireballs’; Look

Photographer records rare lightning with 'fireballs';  Look

While taking pictures of an electric storm off the coast of an unincorporated area in the United States, a photographer recorded rare rays from Earth on a planet in the skies of Puerto Rico.

Even NASA scientists studying this phenomenon have praised a giant jet-shaped lightning bolt with fireballs. Frank Lucena, the author of Click, says he could not believe the results when he saw the show on Monday (20).

“This giant jet plasma incident took place near the Virgin Islands, in a strong storm just before the epicenter,” the photographer explained on his social networks. “I can not believe I was able to copy the incredible details.”

According to the meteorological company Metzul, the lightning that photographed Lucena is considered the “highest on Earth” because it falls on the ionosphere, which is a layer of the atmosphere, at altitudes of 60 to 1000 km, and at altitudes above 80 km.

The first records of this type of light jet were in 2001 and 2002, near Taiwan and Puerto Rico. But since then there have been dozens of “manifestations” that have produced essays on its origins that have not been fully proven to date.

“They seem to love storms on the water and are famous for surprising passengers on commercial flights,” said Tony Phillips, a NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) scientist studying the phenomenon, in an article on the Spaceweather website.

Oscar van der Velde, a Ray scientist from the University Politicanica de Catalunya, praised Lucena’s achievement and recalled his experience with the phenomenon. In 2017 and 2018, he installed high-speed cameras in a survey dedicated to capturing giant jets off the north coast of Colombia. But in three months’ observation he was able to catch only twelve.

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“Frankie” was photographed by a rare giant jet with a carrot outline, first reported in a study published in nature by Su et al (2003).

“This is the brightest giant jet I’ve ever seen. It was really impressive,” he praised, referring to the origin of the phenomenon. “They can be plasma currents or warmer regions within jet crossings,” theorists at the University of Catalan theorized.

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