Photographer hijacks pictures of German Rouge S-21 prisoners killed

Photographer hijacks pictures of German Rouge S-21 prisoners killed

In Cambodia, the German Rouge provoked outrage at a photographer’s work on images of victims. Adding racism and smiles to photos of prisoners who were later tortured and killed is seen as disrespectful and historically fake.

Can photos of victims of gang crimes be forged in the name of an artistic process? No, answer the shocked Cambodians in an article published on the site Varghese About the work of Irish photographer Matt Lofrie. During the German Rouge regime (1975-1979), portraits of those killed in the S-21 prison, one of the largest detention centers, were painted and recovered.

The German Rouge photographed the prisoners as they arrived at the prison. Black and white photos, in which a number of victims and the date of their arrival at the detention center appear. Several documents as evidence of their arrest. These photos have been turned into a genocide museum in the former prison. Of the 18,145 prisoners brought to S-21, only 12 escaped.

Color these black and white photos‌ a “An act of revisionism or a tribute to the victims?” First the magazine asks Southeast Asia Globe. Who adds:

This discussion took on a whole new dimension when it became clear that many of the paintings were not only colored but also faked by the artist. Through Lofrie’s digital manipulation, smiles or calm expressions have been placed on the faces of prisoners to the point of fear and anxiety. ”



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