Photo, deleted file from Google Drive? Do this in a simple way

New Delhi, 3 October : Allows Google Drive users to store their files, documents, and media files. Sometimes when you use Google Drive from your phone or PC, some files will be deleted. Then those files are needed. This is how files can be recovered.

Google Drive Storage –

Google is offering users 15GB of free storage. Charges for storage will be charged later. Google charges Rs 130 for 100GB, Rs 210 for 200GB and Rs 650 for 2TB storage on the premium plan. All these plans are available on Google One subscription. These plans support family equity. This means these users can also share with their families.

Don’t accidentally store these things in Google Drive; The company will issue a warning and take action

Often even an important file is accidentally deleted. Then that file is needed, and on many phones the file cannot be recovered. A user’s deleted file will remain in Google Drive’s trash for up to 30 days. Users can recover the file at this time. But once a file is deleted from the trash, it can never be recovered.

Google’s abandoned feature now allows all files to be accessed without the Internet

How to recover deleted files?

– First go to Google Drive and tap on the trash icon. – All deleted files will be displayed here. – Right-click on the file you want to save again, or click on the three dots below. – The file will be trashed and stored back to where it was.

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