Philip Schofield smashed Pierce Morgan’s book on waste disposal

Philip Schofield smashed Pierce Morgan's book on waste disposal

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Philip Schofield and Pierce Morgan still do not allow their book feud to break out, and this morning’s Good Morning Britain presenter’s new release was shattered by a waste of time.

That’s for friends, isn’t it?

When Pierce was excited about his Black Friday sale, Philip had none of this, showing off his new kitchen gadget.

‘Installed new ininsinkerator_uk, Awesome!’ He wrote. ‘Apparently it will remove almost anything.’

His own book, Life What You Make It, showed Pierce smashing the book before cutting another shot.

‘Yeah, a little chewy, but it works iers Pierce Morgan,’ he added.

Philip Tests his new gadget with Pierce’s book (Image: Instagram / @Shof)

Safe to say, Pierce is less than impressive.

‘You can’t bury my growing sales, ch scoff,’ he responded, adding a string of tear-jerking emojis.

The couple may have worked together for years, but never met, and Philip, 58, wrote about his past feud with Pierce, 55.

This morning star When the journalist asked for his memoirs, he accused Pierce of cheating, believing that Philip was going to write several newspaper articles about him.

Pierce was less than impressed (Photo: Instagram / Pierce Morgan)

Pierce wrote a biography of Ana, and Philip wrote in his memoir (By the mirror): ‘I was angry. Not that he wrote the book, but he cheated on me.

‘We haven’t talked for a long time. There were strange moments: Once upon a time, we were both in an elevator that seemed like an endless descent. ‘

The couple, who work at ITV and Pierce, appeared several times on Google’s Test of Nation, and the presenter added: ‘One day I realized how ridiculous this animosity was.

‘I was angry and he would show joy and kindness in his biography (albeit utterly deceptive). It was time to prepare. He was panicking as I walked.

“Enough,” I said, shaking his hand. We have been fine ever since. ‘

Pierce has not said much about the feud, but has previously stated that he has no problem with Philip, who was backed by a journalist when he was first released as a homosexual earlier this year.

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