Philip Colin (Lafarge): “HRD must be the guarantor of the system”

Philip Colin (Lafarge): "HRD must be the guarantor of the system"

Decision makers. What is the biggest challenge you have taken on in your career?

Philip Colin. My biggest challenge was doing several full time jobs at the same time! At the office depot, I was responsible for human resources at the European level, with a turnover of 2 2 billion, handling 9,000 people in fourteen countries; At the same time I was HRD in the UK and Ireland, the second most important area of ​​the office depot, I was in Leicester. At the same time, I was the CEO of France, which represents 500 500 million. So, I had three full-time positions for six months!

“HRD must be a strategic partner of the company”

What is your view on the challenges facing HR activity in the particular era we are going through?

The challenges are to support teams and business transformations. Previously, only certain areas of activity were considered. Today these transformations are everywhere, and they multiply and overlap. HRD needs to be sustainable and establish itself as a strategic partner of the company. Its fundamental role in this period is the guarantor of the system. This is the essence of human resource work. It must also take on the role of guardian to equip the company, its employees and its organization for future challenges. And there are very few: new ways of working, the need to maintain organizational dynamism, and the ability to adapt to change over several generations at the same time, and different perspectives on business interaction.

“Digitize company and HR activity”

What is your road map of Lafarge?

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First, we will manage a business project: support to convert Lafarge’s business to low carbon. This movement has a significant impact on the creation of new jobs, especially in the circular economy. This includes new modes of operation, including our industrial processes. New low carbon products and related roadmaps need to be explained to customers and expectations. The second project is the digitization of the company and its human resources work. The short-term stake is the relocation of the head office with the move to this Flex Office, Includes support for change and training for managers, beyond designing the layout of the premises.

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