PH Urbana’s inspection is delayed due to hazards on floors adjacent to the blast

PH Urbana's inspection is delayed due to hazards on floors adjacent to the blast

With this process, the authorities begin an investigation to clarify the causes of the explosion that occurred on November 1

The Ministry of Public Affairs (MP) was unable to conduct the inspection it had scheduled to enter the 12th floor of PH Urbana this Monday due to an explosion following an explosion on November 1.

The incident hospitalized two people, injured 20 people, evacuated 600 people, and caused collateral damage to more than five buildings.

Among the rules of protocol on November 4, the lawyer in charge, Javier Caraballo, announced that the first experts will arrive in PH Urbana next week, specifically on November 7.

Due to the magnitude of the explosion, Caraballo said they are asking public agencies for “assistance” in carrying out all the expert reports needed to establish the cause and move forward with investigations.

For example, they approached the Technical University to ask for a preliminary analysis on issues such as infrastructure, electricity and gas tightness and then make it available to specialized experts.

“We are going to practice all the expert reports to clarify the doubts about the facts. “We are not announcing what we are going to do and we don’t want to speculate,” the lawyer in charge pointed out.

The explosion on the 12th floor of PH Urbana shattered the tranquility of Obario, one of the banking and commercial areas in the heart of the Panamanian capital. The deafening blast reduced walls, windows and entire balconies to debris that fell on swimming pools, streets, cars and apartments around the area.

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PH Urbana’s promoter, GK Developers, and construction company Ingenieria RM said in a statement that they continue to cooperate and communicate with authorities investigating the cause of the incident. They also indicated that their staff made themselves available to the authorities for anything related to the care of the victims.

The developer explained that the building has been delivered and is in the process of occupation from May 2022 on receipt of necessary labor and safety certifications from the competent authorities. Among them, fire protection systems that include stringent tests as required by law.

As of today, the surrounding buildings are 100% occupied, according to firefighters.

At the same time, procedures were carried out to estimate the insurance damages of each building and its costs.

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