PGA Players’ Championship: Rory McIlroy’s new defeatist approach

PGA Players' Championship: Rory McIlroy's new defeatist approach

Why change a running momentum? Asking a question to Rory McIlroy gives a heartfelt and thoughtful response.

“I would be lying if I said I had nothing to do with Bryson [DeChambeau] The 31-year-old golfer said at the US Open in September. Many players saw his transformation and what he did. They found that it would be very helpful if it was a way to play golf in the future. ”

Eight months ago, at the United States Open, not far from the past, on the heels of Winged Foot in New York State.

With his power and long artillery shots, Dechambue smashed him to pieces as he flew over the course and the competition. The brave man won the trophy and proved the philosophy that can change the sport.

The search for the Holy Grail was among the longest editors on the PGA Tour. Everyone wanted to achieve remarkable swing and ball speed in order to get valuable yards out of the tie. They are already averaging over 315 yards …

Since 2016, if McIlroy had not prioritized the average tee shot in the distance, he would have been in the top 5. If he was strong, he was still not accurate.

Desired speed

But the Northern Irishman, who saw Dechambue unleashing the balls and presenting his momentum data on social media for the delight of fans, decided to take this path. Not for entertainment, but for use.

When asked about McIlroy’s statement on Saturday, Decambue said he did not want to influence anyone.

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“I try to play my own style and hit the ball. However, I know this will have an impact on others. ”

At the end of the 2020 season, McIlroy was the fourth longest-serving editor on the circuit, with an average slope of 314 yards, and McIlroy was 30th in terms of club head speed, with 191 and 31 kilometers per hour. He is ranked 24th with a ball speed of 286.84 kilometers per hour.

The 5’10 ‘athlete worked hard to reach speeds of up to 6 kilometers per hour on both counts. He now reaches a top speed of 197.45 km / h and 294.34 km / h, which is good for the seventh and fifth places on the circuit so far this season, respectively. By comparison, the Decombo displays high data with a top speed of 17 kilometers per hour.

McIlroy, who scored five yards on teal shots, was 3.7 yards behind Dechambue. This is clearly not a disaster.

Everything for that …

But that new impetus damaged his game. After four consecutive weeks, he was trapped in Sogras.

“Momentum issues are frustrating. In October I started pulling into this spiral looking for speed in training. My swing has become too flat, too long and too spinning, ”he explained after being excluded from The Players’ weekend rounds with his +10 record. I obviously gained more speed and hit more, but this was not the right thing to do to increase my momentum. I’m trying to get out of this, and that’s frustrating. ”

He says it will take some time to get back to his old pace. He wants to sort it out before showing Augusta for the Masters tournament.

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“The slightest change in a swing is disturbing for a while. I do not want to erase everything. ”

Returning to his old recipe, McIlroy is not scattered. In the course as well as in the rankings.

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