Personality Development: Your handwriting says a lot, how to recognize it Know your personality from handwriting….

Personality Development: Your handwriting says a lot, how to recognize it Know your personality from handwriting….

Personality Development: A person’s signature tells a lot about his character. This may sound a little strange. Some may call it simplistic, but psychology is a psychology that explains human behavior and thus its reactions. Through this one can understand the person. In fact, according to experts at the American magazine Reader’s Digest, it has been interpreted as linking handwriting to nature.

Signature Added –

People who put more space between two words prefer freedom. At the same time, people who keep little space for words like to be with people. Also, if one writes too many words, that person may be too intrusive and mob-like in people’s lives.

Small or large, in what size you write –

The shape of people’s handwriting says a lot about their personality. You might be surprised to know that social people tend to write in larger sizes. At the same time, shy and introverted people write in smaller sizes. If we talk about medium handwriting, then such people have a strong ability to concentrate and a strong ability to concentrate.

How much pressure do you apply to the pen while writing –

Writing with too much pressure on the pen shows anger and stress. People with low stress are empathetic and sensitive, but they have less energy in life. Also, moderate to heavy stress indicates commitment.

How many spaces between letters –

If you connect your letters when you write, it can be said that you value logic and base most of your decisions on facts and experience. On the other hand, if you have space for your letters, you can be more imaginative or impulsive and make your decisions based on intuition, i.e. decisions made by yourself without logic.

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To turn left or right –

Many have faint handwriting. That is, it is tilted from right to left or from left to right. In fact, a right slant indicates that you like meeting and working with new people, while a left slant means that you like yourself and want to be with yourself. These people can be reserved and introspective.

Writing speed –

If you write quickly, you are impatient and don’t like to waste time. At the same time, if you find time to write, you are self-sufficient and organized.

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