Perseverance rolled over the volcanic rocks and discovered biomass

Des chercheurs de la Nasa montrent que Perseverance se déplace depuis son arrivée sur Mars sur un sol formé de roches magmatiques. © NASA, JPL-Caltech, ASU, MSSS

Astronomers believed they were debris, but new data from NASA’s Perseverance rover returning to Earth show that rocks that have been rolling since their arrival on Mars in February 2020 were formed from volcanic material. The lava may have flowed there in the past, and this is quite unexpected news.

It’s been almost a year now Perseverance, NASA rover lands on Mars. He has been traversing the Jesiro crater for almost a year. Researchers using data sent to Earth have announced some amazing news. In their opinion, it was rolling from the start on a ground where perseverance was formed Magmatic rocks.

Even before sending their rover there, NASA researchers were amazed at the nature of the soil in the crater. They wondered if it was even more integrated Remaining rocks Or igneous rocks. The first is the result of the accumulation of mineral particles and is eventually transported there through an ancient riverbed. Seconds as a result of the confirmation of A Magma From A The longest extinct volcano.

Thanks for the Pixl tool – for Planetary instrument for X-ray lithochemistry – The researchers finally found the answer. Intended to determine the elemental structure of the materials in the device The surface of Mars By lithochemistry X-rays. It takes advantage of the openings offered by the drill installed at the end of the arm Robotic Of perseverance. It can, in fact, melt or grind the surface of rocks.

Magmatic rocks in the Jesiro crater

A few days ago, a rock called Brock, taken in the southern part of the Saeta region, revealed its structure: large crystalsOlive Extraordinary amounts of pyroxene are immersed in the crystals. Signs of rock formed from crystals deposited in a slowly cooling pool.

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Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. “It’s a treasure trove of events that will allow future scientists to determine the date of the events that occurred in the Jesiro crater.Water was more common on its surface And to reveal the beginning of the history of Mars, Team researcher Ken Farley explains in a press release from NASA. It remains to be seen whether this rock, which is rich in olive oil, formed in the lake Make Solid cooling on the surface or in an underground chamber, which is then exposed by erosion.

This is because Perseverance also aims to take samples of the rock on Mars – especially to search for signs of life – intended to bring it back to Earth through another mission. What to study in more detail in questionable samples.

Exciting first results

The researchers took advantage of Wednesday’s press conference Scanning the habitable atmosphere with Raman and luminescence for organics and chemicals – In the meantime, organic molecules were trapped not only in the rubble but also in the non-abrasive rock dust. “It is enough to map the spatial distribution of the organic matter within the rocks and to link to these organic matter. Minerals The ones there. It helps us to understand the atmosphere in which biomass is formed. Further analysis is needed to determine how these molecules were produced., Luther Beagle, responsible for the Sherlock project. Therefore, the evidence for life is not yet certain. But the presence of protected biomass means that potential bio-signatures would also be preserved. To find out more, we will have to wait for the samples to return to Earth.

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Meanwhile, scientists continue to use data transmitted by Rimfox Radar imager for surface testing of Mars -, “radargrams” showing underground structures The red planet Depth up to 10 m. They have already been able to confirm that the Saida region was formed before that Crater floor broken rough. They should bring other valuable information immediately Geography Tuesday.

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