Perseverance on Mars: These are the first images sent by a rover from the red planet [FOTOS]

Perseverance on Mars: These are the first images sent by a rover from the red planet [FOTOS]

Perseverance Gain Touch the surface of Mars this Thursday in the afternoon He confirmed it by sending pictures From the said planet.

Rover amartizó In an area known as Crater Jessero, The site of a large lake that formed 3.5 billion years ago.

And so on NASA I confirmed it, and in addition to the captured signals, the robot also sent pictures of where it came from.

From now on, Rover An exploration mission will begin on the planet And will send information regularly Earth. His arrival is near the probes Tianwen-1 Y Hopefully, Mark the beginning A new era in the space race.

The team behind it sent a message to the entire world scientific community: “I am safe on Mars. Perseverance can get you anywhere. “

Alien Search

Perseverance Be part of the mission Tuesday 2020Departed Florida in late June for an exciting flight to the surface of Mars.

Using high speed, high technology and excellent control from the ground, the robot searches from the delta to the edge of the crater Biofirm The Biomarkers Of Extinct microorganisms The Existing.

But while this is its main mission, it is not the only one. And will search Prepare the way for future human missions. For example, Moxie device wants to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce 10 grams of oxygen per hour, It’s like a plant. If it can, it will drop big data Future construction of a Colonia In place.

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