Perseverance on Mars: 16 minutes of recorded sound of a moving rover

Perseverance on Mars: 16 minutes of recorded sound of a moving rover

A new first in the history of perseverance and … of mankind! The NASA Voice Microphone Recorded Voices Published Rover When it moves to the surface of Mars. Bings, bangs and other clicks from another world. The sound of six wheels Metal Advancing on the rocks of another planet. Absolutely crazy! “If I hear this kind of noise while driving The car, I will stop immediately and call a mechanic “, Even Dave Grewell, an engineer at NASA Communicated.

16 minute recording of Perseverance Rover rolling on Mars. Audio files can be downloaded. © NASA, JPL-Caltech

This version of the recording allows you to hear both raw and unfiltered sounds Rover perseverance Travel Jessero crater. There is a sound that makes a sharp noise. Intervention The electromagnetism that comes from one of the rover’s electronic boxes or from the interactions between the mobility system and the surface of Mars, engineers are still reluctant about its origin.

Excerpt from a recording processed by NASA engineers. © NASA, JPL-Caltech

This short version of the recording was filtered and processed by NASA engineers.

“Images of Mars, we have thousands. But with these The sound of Mars, We are entering a new level. This is a way to experience this hostile atmosphere more closely.Vandi Varma, a pilot engineer in perseverance, concludes.

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