“Perseverance” arrives on Mars: NASA scientists celebrate this historic milestone | Technology

"Perseverance" arrives on Mars: NASA scientists celebrate this historic milestone |  Technology

20 February 2021 | 18:21

“Perseverance” arrives on Mars: This is how NASA scientists celebrated this historic milestone

6:00 pm in historic Chile Landing of Perseverance Rover, This is part of a new NASA mission to discover the existence of life on a neighboring planet.

It has been described by the space agency as the most “The Risk and Desire of All Who Walked on the Red Planet”.

Because of the complexity of this feat, a team of scientists from NASA responded very happily from the office in Pasadena (California) that followed the final hours of the trip.

There were screams of joy, fists of applause and dozens of applause at the place, many warning in advance that this would be a very complicated job.

Before landing, the “perseverance” has to go through it “Seven Minutes Terror”, Verse describing an extremely dangerous accident before the last stay on the Red Planet.

In fact, it was the chosen location Crater Jessero, This is the most dangerous landing site I have ever tried. Within seven minutes, the vehicle went from 0 to 20,000 kilometers per hour.

The event was broadcast by the space agency through space official channels, including the Spanish broadcast.

As a compilation of the entire mission, the rover sent its first images from a neighboring planet, where it hopes to have a long expedition stay.

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