Perseverance and ingenuity go hand in hand before the split to explore Mars

Perseverance pose à 3,9 mètres d'Ingenuity. © Nasa, JPL-Caltech, MSSS

It’s coming soon: on April 11, if all goes well, Mars will soar into the air above the soil. Before the separation, perseverance made the unforgettable scene of the two machines in the Jessero crater immortal. Awesome!

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Every day, the NASA Receiving images of Mars taken Perseverance Less, less Helicopter The ingenuity taken with him. On Easter weekend, the second, 1.8 weight Km. G On Earth (680 g on Mars) he made a huge leap from his stomach Rover On the ground hanging there, a few centimeters down. It was like “Percy” had laid an egg … but an egg had already hatched (its protective shell was abandoned a few days ago), and in the process, it took a photo of its new environment. Before snorting.

A selfie before the adventure begins

Since, Perseverance 3.9 meters away from his friend, this April 6, 46e Day of Mars, Watson device (Wide angle topographic sensor for operations and engineering), Pasted onto the robot’s long robotic arm and copied 62 images, combined here into one photo, showing both of them posing. A beautiful scene that brings together two representatives of the broader high human technologies Lonely Tuesday. Both are ready for their Mars adventures.

This last soil – the days of Mars (which is 40 minutes longer than Earth’s day) – was removed from the rover experimental machine so as not to interfere with its first. Movements. As his feet lay on the ground, the engineers JPL Check its general condition, if any Its components are resistant to freezing nights on the surface of Mars (-90 to C). The ingenuity did its first parts, pouring it into the earth, Way Pictures of the Rover-Companion unlocking its blades.

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Ingenuity goes hand in hand with history

If the weather is favorable, the trick will start on Sunday, April 11th. (Otherwise, it will be one of the following days.) For his first aerobatics, he had to rise up to three meters from the top. Jessero crater 20 to 30 seconds.

If successful, the drone-helicopter will go down in legend as the first landing gear to fly in another planet’s sky. So, visit NASA on April 12 to learn about the first results at the press conference.

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