“Pepper and the Treasure of the Deep Sea”: We offer Premier Tickets – Matches

"Pepper and the Treasure of the Deep Sea": We offer Premier Tickets - Matches

The film “Pepper and the Treasure of the Deep Sea” will be screened in local cinemas from October. We are offering 2×2 movie tickets for the premiere at Cineplex Vienna Oahof on September 24th.

The oceans as a huge waste heap? Marine biologist Jaswinder (Miriam Abbas) cannot allow this! She has set up a laboratory in Northern Ireland, where she is fully committed to researching a project that could significantly reduce plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. However, in doing so, she makes powerful enemies and, above all, pretends to be a pure human being, but in fact makes money through illegal waste disposal.

Jaswinder is in great danger: she receives threatening e-mails, and a thief breaks into her laboratory in Ireland – eventually disappearing without a trace from her research vessel. Fortunately, her son Tarun (Caspar) and girlfriend Alice (Emilia) are the real pepper: with so much courage and ingenuity they began to solve their latest case. Her adventurous journey takes her from a research center on the steep coast of Northern Ireland to the fishing village of Wesmond, where Jaswinder’s research ship is built, headquartered in Peicherstadt, Hamburg.

In their latest criminal case, Pepper Alice and Tarun need all the support they can get – they find them in Wesimond with brothers Johnny (Leander) and Clarissa (Charlotte). Eventually a group of fishermen’s children led by Hannah (Linda) help find the kidnappers, free Jaswinder and save their invention.

For the premiere of “Pepper and the Treasure of the Deep Sea”

You can watch the movie before it officially opens at VIENNA.at, as we are offering 2×2 movie tickets for the premiere on September 24th. Participate with some luck and succeed.

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  • When: September 24, 2021
  • Where: Cineplex Vienna Ohoff
  • Ticket collection from 2 p.m.
  • Movie starts: 3 pm

Pepper and the treasure of the deep sea
Only in movies from October 1st!

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