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“People think I’m their sugar baby, but we’re in love.”

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The 31-year-old couple reported how they live with the age difference Relationship. Claire is 21 years old and Scott is 52 years old.

Accordingly UK subway (English text), the pair worked in the same gym where Claire was a receptionist and Scott was a personal trainer. “In the New Year, I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, and the same week I paid for personal training sessions with my fianc,” the woman reported.

Also read: “I will be with him even if he goes bankrupt,” said the 23-year-old, who is engaged to a 56-year-old millionaire.

However, the new relationship was subject to numerous judgments because people thought Claire was a sugar baby or that she was right next to his money. “The way we deal with setbacks is to stay away from people who bring negativity into our lives. I had never been in an age-old relationship, nor did he, so I had never experienced such negativity before.

Couples claim that they are happy despite the challenges. Claire says her previous relationships were with people her age and not all of them were good. “Boys my age did not have the emotional maturity and financial resources to make the effort to get involved.

She says that in her partner’s positive traits, he is good at expressing emotions and boundaries and he is grateful that he does not have to teach them as he did in other relationships. “He supports me, he destroys me, he cares for me so much – he goes up and down to make me happy.”

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By sharing this story, the woman wants people to begin to normalize their age difference and prove that love has no boundaries.

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