People look more attractive when you wear a mask

People look more attractive when you wear a mask

The Mask They are so common, they took on an importance that a few years ago could not even think of.

Many do not know their customers Mask, Whether sick Doctors, Mental, Or the habit of an institution.

The way we relate to each other has changed a lot, accordingly Recent studyIt even changes our perception of a person and can make him “feel” more attractive.

Here we tell you about this interesting scientific study.

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The mask makes you more beautiful

A study by Cardiff University (United Kingdom) found that most people are a more attractive person. Mask Disposable.

Moreover, those who wear this type of mask claim that it is more attractive to wear clothes.

The most interesting of all is that this trend has changed with pandemic, before which most people used to be unattractive Mask.

How and why did this change occur? The director of the project, Dr. Michael Lewis has a theory.

Change of trend

He is a psychologist who specializes in the study of faces. Lewis has been studying attractiveness for years.

In previous studies conducted before the pandemic, most people Mask They looked very unattractive.

Apparently, in the days before the Kovid-19 crisis, wearing a mask was considered to be mostly related to the patient.

In just 2 years this trend has reversed and now it is the opposite, people with surgical masks are seen as “attractive” people.


Louis recruited a group of women who showed photos of different people. Some cover their faces, while others wear a variety of masks.

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Surprisingly, the vast majority found those who appeared wearing one Mask Surgical Disposable.

This data provides a flip of the data collected prior to the Pandemic. Of course, Lewis believes there is an explanation for the change.

Why do masked people become more beautiful?

Studies indicate that the face is more attractive when covered with medical masks. but why?

“Maybe it’s because we’re used to seeing health workers with them,” he said. Lewis thinks Blue masks We now associate them with health workers.

In other words, at a time when we feel very vulnerable because of a health crisis, seeing someone wearing a medical mask guarantees us, therefore, making us feel more positive towards the user.

“It’s related to evolutionary psychology. Health plays an important role in mate selection; in the past, any sign of illness would be ruled out,” the study notes.

On the contrary, we can observe a change in our psychology now, so masks no longer act as a sign of illness.

The importance of seeing with the eyes

According to a study, there is a second reason why a person wearing a mask is now more attractive.

Dr. According to Lewis, the Mask It draws us directly into the wearer’s eyes.

This not only allows us to have a more direct understanding of a particular feature, but also fills in the gaps that the brain has lost and exaggerates the general impact of beauty.

That is, without being able to see a person’s face completely, our brain tries to imagine that person, usually doing it in a positive and exaggerated way.

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