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Bolzano – “The Data Protection Authority punishes excessive telemarketing, so IREN must pay IREN about three million,” VZS announced.

“The guarantee for the protection of personal data again imposes a fine because data is used for telemarketing without the necessary permission of the data subjects for data processing. The energy company IREN was fined 2,856,169 euros (providimento n. 9670025 del 13 maggio 2021). Like many other companies, the IRN used lists of address data purchased from other companies, not just from the sector energy sector, to advertise to these customers. The Supervisory Authority has now established that these are illegal activities. Unauthorized use of personal data for telemarketing ”, according to VZS.

“Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the phenomenon of advertising calls or SMS. With these, we make unsolicited commercial offers, often leading to unnecessary contracts. But where can we get our data from call centers? An answer is obtained from the documents of the Guarantor’s Order: Companies purchase entire data packages from third party companies and then partially sell them, thus transmitting data countless times without the victim’s knowledge, and then receiving countless ads. Calls. How do our data end up on these lists? Now you may not notice it, but when we register on an online portal or apply for a customer card at a shop or supermarket, we accept data processing for advertising purposes, including third party company disclosure and processing. , Requirements. Some of these companies that receive our data are real ‘data brokers’ who rely on the consent given first when re-selling data. For example, we have provided a commercial comparison portal that allows insurance companies to process data, and years later we receive a flood of advertising calls for electricity or telephone contracts. However, is this training permissible? The guarantee confirms that this is not the case, ”VZS said.

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Guarantor’s conclusions

“As in previous orders, the Data Protection Authority has clearly established the illegality of such procedures: permission granted at the outset for data processing, including third-party advertising activities, cannot be extended to the transfer of data to other processors, and they are not specifically consenting to the victim’s notice, and the authority abides by its principle” Cost about three million euros.The size of the fine depends, among other things, on the sheer amount of data processed illegally – affecting millions of consumers – How can I protect myself? Here are some tips: The phenomenon of ‘wild’ computing is growing at an alarming rate, perhaps, but the guarantee is high. Companies do not seem to be deterred because they continue to be punished many times as if nothing had happened. The first and foremost measure of protection is to accurately verify the processing of any data signed; Do not underestimate the importance of personal data. Important protection tools come from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which can be used against our data processors. Advice and assistance are available from the Customer Center in South Tyrol (Phone 0471-975597, ”, She concludes with VZS.

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