Pekingese Wasabi – is the most beautiful dog in New York, USA

Pekingese Wasabi - is the most beautiful dog in New York, USA

Immortalized in his cup, and then in the hands of his master: calling it Wasabi, Three-year-old Pekingese, the most beautiful dog in America. The crown, however, defeated the competition of another 2500 dogs Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Is considered the most prestigious of the canine competitions in the states.

Repeated every year since 1877, the first case of an epidemic was moved from New York to an open-air estate in Territown. Wasabi, who has to give a special name to her mother called Sushi, had already won the 2019 American Kennel Club National Championship. His master, David Fitzgerald, said he was Pekingese It was perfectly peaceful Throughout the entire match, he was almost always lying down, looking at what was happening around him everywhere, but never getting upset, showing several pictures of the event.

In the final, Wasabi defeated a whip, a French bulldog, an English Shepherd, a German shorthair pointer, a Samoyed and a West Highland White Terrier. He has now been crowned the most beautiful dog in America, the owner says. “He would celebrate with a filet mignon, while I would get some champagne.

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