Peeky Blinders Season 6: Cilian Murphy speaks French thanks to her mother

Peeky Blinders Season 6: Cilian Murphy speaks French thanks to her mother

“When I was 20 I spoke French well and then I gave up everything and it was a stupid decision.”

Without the spoiler, one of the first scenes of Season 6 Peek-a-boo blinds It takes place in St. Pierre et Miquelon, a French archipelago in North America. Tommy Shelby (Cilian Murphy) Should do business there, so the actor speaks alternately in French and English for a few moments. Asked about it Deadline, The Irish comedian explained that a few years ago he spoke our language well, thanks to his mother who was a French teacher. He adds that he missed her because he is not currently practicing the language, and that he called her as soon as he received the script even though she is now retired.

“When I was 20, I spoke French fluently, and then I gave up everything. It was a stupid decision,” he said. Sorry for the 46-year-old actor. I sent him the script, and then we worked together to make this conversation as natural as possible. Since you do not speak French well in the trenches, we did not want this to be too formal. Yes, my mother was my French teacher for this job, however she did not get the credit for it.

Shortly after posting on the Season 6 platform, Netflix shared an excerpt from the sequence on social networks:

No, Peeky Blinders is not over: there will be a sequel after Season 6

Cilian Murphy returns to the difficulties he encountered during the filming of Season 6. “I’m so proud last season because it’s not had an easy origin.” Pollen’s narrator, Helen MacRory, died at the beginning of the shots, which prompted Steven Knight to change the plot without her, but paid a beautiful tribute to her. The Kovid epidemic then prompted the team to stop the cameras again.

“Do you know if we could have shot this season 6’s version as planned? But the world decided otherwise, obviously. When we had to come back, reorganize, she was not there to attend… I’m always thinking about it. I think she was able to keep up with the style, and I think she has a strong presence this season, of course with Tommy.

He also promises to return to cinema Peek-a-boo blindsTo make it formal: “If there’s more stories to tell, I’ll be there, yes.” Meanwhile, here’s the trailer for the last season 6 of the series:

How Polly and Helen Macroe arrived at the Peaky Blinders last season

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