Peacock Farrell of Ireland has a record holder: Crazy Numbers

Italy collapses in front of wall erected by Ireland and Peacock Farrell: figures are remarkable.

Peacock Farrell, Northern Ireland goalkeeper (Lapress)

Football fans in Europe rarely say the name. Instead in Ireland Peacock Farrell He is a hero. For numbers written line by line an important sports page at home. Playing the goalkeeper Sheffield Wednesday, In League One, his team is currently eighth in a league, without notoriety or praise. Yet the people of Northern Ireland are the number one hero.

Of his Record This is really unbelievable, and it does not matter if Sheffield has a squad value that does not exceed Blue Attack. Number one among the English was exaggeration, it became a fortress within the walls of friendship, and it was used by the people of Mansini as well.

Peacock Farrell: The Miracle Goalkeeper has an incredible record

Roberto Mancini Italy
Roberto Mancini stops at the Irish Green Wall yesterday (Photo source Getty Images)

Within the walls of friendship, Peacock Farrell has not conceded a goal in exactly one year. It was a match with Yu Romania, In which the extreme defender expired Bikfalvi. Since then, his national team has conceded goals only once, but it has been a friendly match USA, There was no hero of the nation at the gate.

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For a year now, Northern Ireland fans have been assured that their matches will end on a clean sheet. Meanwhile, not only the draw with Italy, but also the victory with Bulgaria and the white goal draw with Lithuania and Switzerland. So, a talisman already in Irish football history. Its value? About 1 million euros, This is the most beautiful story about the green tide, which has become another nightmare for Italy in relation to the World Cup qualifiers.

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