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One of the most critical professions to the health and well-being of a society is the medical profession. The courageous efforts of doctors, nurses, and medical staff, especially during the pandemic, is truly remarkable, and we all owe them our thanks as they continue to work to protect and serve their communities during the pandemic. Although the medical profession is an important part of our daily lives, it is important to remember that it is indeed a profession, and behind the hard work of medical personnel is a supply of essential documents and documentation that puts these medical professionals in a position to do their job. The most common form they work with is the PDF, which can be used for a variety of purposes in a medical setting.These PDFs can be modified with an online PDF editor, which makes it easy for the staff.

    How are PDFs used in the medical sphere? Well, they can be used to help identify a patient’s medical history for one. The ability of doctors to quickly and efficiently access their patient’s medical history is vital. This is especially true now as things are changing so quickly and new information/research can alter the diagnosis and how patients are cared for. The support staff for hospitals and doctors’ offices use electronic documentation for pretty much everything now, and editable PDF forms make this not only easier but more efficient. The staff are not the only ones who can benefit from this kind of documentation since patients can also enjoy a more streamlined and organized visit.

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      Another reason that PDF files are useful in the medical industry is due to the patient. Or more specifically, the ability to manage the patient’s information. When visiting a doctor’s office or other medical institution, patients need to fill out forms about their medical history, insurance, and so on, which can be annoying and burdensome, since there are often redundancies due to overlapping paperwork. By uploading these files and creating a unified system through PDF management a lot of time and energy can be saved. The ability for doctors to check the patient’s information is key in giving them the best healthcare possible, and this is made easier through the myriad of pre-made PDF templates that can be found online.

Coronavirus Self Declaration Form

      While most medical documents are used by doctors, one that can be needed for a doctor’s office or for other purposes is a Coronavirus Self Declaration Form. This is a document that gives information about a patient’s health and COVID-19 status. This questionnaire asks questions about someone’s COVID-19 status, such as:

  • Who have you been around? 
  • Where have you been? 
  • What line of work are you in?

These and other questions will help medical professionals determine how safe it is for you to engage in a particular activity. By understanding someone’s recent medical history and symptoms, we can get a better understanding of someone’s potential risk to themselves and others. This fillable PDF document has been a great tool for governments and the medical industry to manage the pandemic and limit its spread through the efficient storage of information.

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Patient Medical History Form

     One of the most important documents at the doctor’s office needed to be able to function is a Patient’s Medical History Form. This document is generally filled out by the patient but is then later augmented by a doctor, nurse, or other caregivers. This document is easy to find and download as many downloadable templates exist online. In this document, the patient should have spaces to give information on their medical history, current level of fitness, any persistent problems, COVID-19 exposure or treatment, and all other information that the medical staff will need in order to better treat their patient. This fillable form can be annoying for patients due to repetition, but with modern PDF management software, many of the redundancies can be eliminated, which not only eases some of the bookkeeping, but also creates more opportunities to see potential issues in the patient’s health before they arise.

Hospital Discharge Form

     A Hospital Discharge Form or Patient Discharge Form is a type of document that states that the patient is able to leave the hospital or place of treatment. Not only is it a document releasing the patient from their care, but generally this fillable document comes with instructions on how to care for yourself or a patient that has been discharged. This can be anything from healthcare protocol to prescriptions. The importance of the formatting of this document cannot be understated since it acts as the means of continued care of the individual. These documents are often available free online for download and are especially useful in the future care of former patients.

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Coronavirus Intake Form for Massage Therapy

     Not all medical professionals are doctors and nurses; some of those who look after our wellbeing are physical therapists and massage therapists. This industry has been greatly impacted as so many others have been by the COVID-19 pandemic. A Coronavirus Intake Form for massage therapy is similar to the COVID-19 declaration form, but asks some specific questions that determine if the patient or customer is prepared for massage therapy at that time. These downloadable PDFs include questions about recent symptoms and often include a consent form allowing the therapist to do their job and accept any potential risks that they might encounter during a visit.


     While the pandemic has caused a great deal of heartache and trauma for the world, there are ways to limit its impact on our daily lives and improve the ability of our brave healthcare workers to help us in these difficult times. Being well organized and having the right tools such as PDF templates for particular situations decreases the risk of costly mistakes. There are many fillable PDF forms that are made for the medical industry and using those well maximizes the ability of doctors and other healthcare workers to keep doing a great job.

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