Pave the way for the 37th Census

Pave the way for the 37th Census

It is the oldest statistical work (dating to 1821), the largest, and one of the most complex in orchestrating for the state: after two postponements due to Kovid, the public census will begin on November 8 in Luxembourg. 19 Infectious Diseases.

“The Census of the Decade is a unique and unparalleled source of information that can be used to collect detailed information based on numerous studies and predictions that the State escapes directly from sample surveys,” his director Sergei Alegressa explained Monday.

The State is launching a public awareness campaign this week to ensure that the vast majority of 280,000 residential families respond to the questionnaire.

“The participation of all citizens in the census is essential because it allows them to measure their particular situation in a different portrait of the country, thus contributing to the construction of tomorrow’s Luxembourg,” said Finance Minister Franz Fiot (LSAP).

The collected data is used to determine the number of municipal council members assigned to each municipality, as well as to better identify the infrastructure projects needed to adapt to the demographic changes in the country in the future.

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From November 8, households will receive an access code in the mail that allows them to answer the questionnaire via State intends to collect 30 to 40% of responses through this channel (compared to 2% in 2011), which allows information to be processed faster. Thus, a lottery with prizes will be organized soon.

From November 22, residents who do not respond via the Internet will receive a paper questionnaire from one in 4,000 collected by municipalities. Available in five languages, the questionnaire must be submitted to the States or Municipal Administration or Enumerator by December 5th.

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The web or paper ensures the confidentiality of the data collected by the State, which goes beyond the simple number of the population. Dynamics, housing or the languages ​​spoken by each household will be addressed to generate a large amount of data that will result in about thirty publications by 2023. But by the end of next year, a first publication had been announced.

With a budget of 35 5.35 million, the population census is set for its 37thE Version in integrated format between web and paper. Luxembourg thus follows the path of Ireland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, moving between 2011 and 2021 into this process. France continues to conduct this in a sample survey, while Belgium is content to collect data from population registers.

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