Paul McCartney says he is still battling the death of John Lennon

Paul McCartney says he is still battling the death of John Lennon

Paul McCartney Reflected on his death Beatles Bandmate John Lennon, Killed 40 years.

Mark Chapman was shot and killed on December 8, 1980, outside an apartment building in New York.

During a new interview CBSMcCartney was asked how he had been processing Lennon’s murder for 40 years. “I’m not sure who I am,” he replied. “It’s very difficult for me. I’ll have occasional thoughts and kind of saying, ‘I don’t know, why don’t I stop crying every day?’ Because it’s bad. ”

Asked if he sometimes cries about his friend’s death, McCartney responded: “Don’t you know every day? Sometimes I have memories of times when I think, ‘Oh my God, this was so foolish.’ ”

The Beatles also discussed the band’s heritage, and he wondered how their music could relate to and connect with people. “I’m not sure I have an answer,” he said when asked about their songs that touch people so deeply.

“Something has to do with the structure of the song. There is no spare stuff that should not be there. This is the exact stuff that should be on that record. But I wonder how this continues. I was surprised, maybe I was surprised. ”

McCartney released his latest album ‘McCartney III’ on Friday (December 18) – the third record in the solo trilogy after ‘McCartney I’ in 1970 and ‘McCartney II’ in 1980.

In a four-star review, NME He said: “If future archaeologists consider this series of three albums to be an important milestone in his half-century, they will conclude that Paul McCartney never stopped releasing them.”

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