Paul Juan becomes Prime Minister and the Unionists split

Paul Juan becomes Prime Minister and the Unionists split

In its fifty years of existence, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the main union party in Northern Ireland, was never aware of such persecution. First, the forced resignation of its president, Arlene Foster, prompted elected officials to leave. At the end of May he was replaced by Agriculture Minister and creationist Edwin Boots, a comforting profile for the party’s conservative section. The 1998 peace agreement continued to require the election of a new prime minister to rule jointly with the nationalists.

O Profile. Northern Ireland: Controversy over Edwin Boots, DUP leader

Job leader Mervyn Story quickly turned down the offer. That’s why 39-year-old Paul Givan was hired. He made his film debut in Edwin Boots. He was elected at the age of 23 before entering the legislature five years later. A creationist like his mentor, he was his mentor when he took over the departments of culture and the environment. In 2017, he served as community minister for a few months.

His decision to cut funding for the Leofa GailTouch program, which allows children from underprivileged families to study Irish immersed in Donegal, is the straw that led to the resignation and dismissal of Martin McGuinness. In the context of a political-economic corruption. A dangerous model, because Sin Fen must be approved before taking over the position of Guan.

Religious fundamentalism

Edwin Boots did not nominate Paul Givan and he reshuffled his cabinet. Several elected officials, such as Finance Minister Diane Dodds, said the executive was forced to leave. Unfortunately the new team (…) does not match the rhetoric In healing the divisions within the party, it takes a fundamentalist turn.

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As a Member of Parliament, Paul Given remarkably proposed a resolution to teach “alternative” theories of evolution and an amendment to “freedom of conscience” after the local bakery was cut. Homosexual wedding message on a cake. Recently, he tried to change the rules that allow abortion.

Scattered voters

So the divisions within the party are far from being categorized, and voters are scattered to the right and center. Several members left the DUP. An investigation is underway into allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation during the vote to confirm Edwin Boots’ role. Leaving ” Peripheral devices “, In the opinion of the elect, when the opponents speak one” Purify “According to the latest poll, the DUP is 16% of the voting purpose, to the same level as the Inter-Community Alliance Party, behind Sinn F‌in.

The task awaiting Edwin Boots and Paul Jivan is vast and complex. After the Pandemic they will have to revive Northern Ireland and its healthcare system, while the waiting list for medical appointments is endless. They will face the consequences of Brexit and the Northern Irish protocol expressed by the Unionists each week, and will oversee the implementation of Irish language law – a point of historical deviation between the two camps.

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