Passing Martinique in Orange Vigilance

Passing Martinique in Orange Vigilance

As the tropical storm Elsa approaches, Martino-France has set up a Martinique Orange Vigilance level for heavy rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, waves and diving into the ocean.

Tropical storm Elsa is expected to make landfall in the southwestern Indian arch of St. Lucia by the end of next night.

For Martinique, the weather and nautical conditions will be very bad from the morning of Friday, July 2, 2021.

A Intense rainfall of up to 50 mm in one hour

Locally violent winds exceeding 100 kilometers per hour

At Atlantic oceans and canals with heavy oceans and hollows greater than 4 m.

Prefecture recommends the following individual steps:

Follow the weather forecast and inform yourself regularly about the evolution of the phenomenon Our website, On radio or television or communication channels Meteo France

Discover and ride carefully before embarking on a journey

Do not do incremental or do-it-yourself activities

Avoid sea voyages, swimming and water activities

Be prepared to protect your property from rising water, especially from the sea

Avoid using phones and electrical appliances during lightning

Shelter boats or take them out of the water

Check the mooring of machinery and materials at construction sites.

Behavioral counseling

Baths, divers, fishermen and walkers :

Avoid sea voyages, swimming and recreational activities.
Be careful on the beaches: watch out for rollers and breaking waves!

Boaters and professionals at sea :

Shelter boats or take them out of the water
If you need to stay aboard, pay special attention when traveling and wear emergency equipment.
Be especially careful if you have to go to sea.
If you fall into the sea or water, take all precautions to ensure your safety

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Coastal residents :

If you live near the sea, be prepared to secure your belongings, which may be damaged by rising water or washed away by the waves. Watch out for rising water.

In the car, drive carefully, limiting your speed, and do not enter roads that are swollen or already flooded.

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