Passenger traffic by 2020 -72.5%

Passenger traffic by 2020 -72.5%

(Teleborsa) – In 2020, the crisis caused by the epidemiological emergency from Kovid-19 severely affected air traffic, causing severe contractions as recorded in other parts of the world. During national and international transport, 52,759,724 passengers traveled through Italian airports in 2020, a decrease of -72.5% compared to 2019. National traffic has 25 million passengers – 61.1 per cent, compared to international traffic – 78.3 per cent, with a total of 27.700,000 passengers. These are important data coming out of these Enoch Report on Social Work in 2020 and Social Budget 2020 Introduced today. Attended the presentation Enrico Giovannini, Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility; The President of Enoch Pierre Luigi de Palma; The ENAC Alessio Quarantine Director General; AndState Advocate General, Gabriela Palmieri Sundulli.

The Ranking of first carriers operating in Italy – According to the report – See Low cost irlandese rhinoceros In the first place (11,836,904 passengers), more than half the passengers Alitalia (6,514,579); Third Easy jet (3.5 million passengers). However, Alitalia lags slightly behind in the ranking of first carriers for national transport (from 4,081,277 at a low cost of 4,388,984 passengers carried by the former national carrier). Looking Stop with the most passengers, Finally, Rome Phiamisino 9.7 million (-77.5% from 2019) confirmed in the first place, just behind Milan Malpensa (7.2 million, -74.9%) e Bergamo (3.83 million, -72.2%).

On the front Financial resources of ENAC The report says The total total amount is 154,476,782.00 Euros General funding (,500 25,500,000) and Eac income (, 128,976,782).

Submitting this year’s publication a Focus on the devastating effects of the Kovid-19 pandemic on aviation around the world and the role played by ENAC In emergency management. The recovery of the region after the Pandemic Emergency and future development – he underlined Giovannini – Need to take advantage of the experience by adopting a more systematic approach, to pursue the goals of reasonable environmental change and move towards decarbonization, to ensure better safety systems, and the rapid digitization of procedures and traffic controls and to pay more attention to the impact. It is more important than ever to reflect on the importance of the development of this region in the ecological key. The resumption of the sector, which simultaneously takes into account economic, social and environmental aspects, will have to anticipate rapid times because the time factor is crucial for competitors.

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“There are a lot of interlocutors and their capabilities are overly fragmented, which hinders the decision-making processes that are detrimental to the economic development of the region, which requires a unified system due to continuous technological innovations,” he said. Of Palma -. The identification of the Italian aerospace sector is fundamental, and the cooperation and collaboration between public and private actors engaged in various competencies in the European competition is evolving, so a major challenge awaits our country, as opposed to the recent, systematic capacity to achieve an entire aerospace transition from ultralight to space; Only in the context of European decision-making processes can the development of aviation be affected, “he said.

“During the Emergency, coordination meetings at the European level coordinated health and safety measures and ensured coordination for the removal of border restrictions,” he said. Forty 2020 withdrawal and the effects of the pandemic on global air transport. The challenge for the next few years will be to develop airports that are as green as possible, with the same capacity, and with the least cost, making the most of technological innovations that allow them to be used more efficiently. So consumers are positively impacted by the travel trend ”.

In his speech Sandhulli On the other hand, the evolution of the aerospace sector was analyzed from a legal perspective. “It’s necessary – explained the State Attorney General – a legal discipline that takes into account not only the context in which the aerospace system is implemented, but also the most relevant and contemporary factors, such as digitization.

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