Pascal St.-Amans, OECD – “This is the end of tax havens”

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“This time, it’s the end of tax bases”

Since 2012 the director of the OECD Center for Tax Policy and Administration has led discussions on Pascal St.-Amans Minimum Tax. Between 139 p It ended in a framework agreement Historical on the 1stIs Last July. Gathered until Saturday evening in VeniceeThe finance ministers of the major economic powers that make up the G20 Accept it During the day.

Some political leaders have praised the “historic” agreement on taxation: why?

This is a historic agreement, Because it ends the cycle of globalization without monetary control. After liberalization in the 1980s, we ended up in a situation where multinational companies could legally, without any hindrance, reduce their tax bills in the race for the lowest bidder. This is where we end a cycle of aggressive tax engineering and declining state tax revenue. This will happen before and after the contract.

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