Parkinson’s is the biggest challenge

Parkinson's is the biggest challenge

The fact that music and dance have proven therapeutic effects is not even great news, and there are plenty of studies that deserve to be told.

However, beyond the boundaries of what is known today is the news of the development of a new form of multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. Parkinson’s. Neurodegenerative disease of indeterminate origin – prolonged contact with toxins such as pesticides, hydrocarbons, and solid metals can cause genetic factors to trigger its onset – but symptoms known for thousands of years: the first description will be found in an Indian medicine paper. Five thousand years before Christ. However, its scientific location – says the site – ​​is related to this James Parkinson, A nineteenth-century London pharmacist-surgeon, first identified in a well-known booklet, “Treatment of agitated paralysis,” warning signs of the disease in all races, both lightly in men – and knowingly selecting cases of different temporal locations at age 58-60 . The progression of the disease is very slow and the symptoms are often delayed and it mainly affects even one part of the body: tremor, slow movement, stiffness and instability. Today, issues that seem to be useful, thank you C-RoboticsThrough Irish dance, a robot that can significantly improve the physical and intellectual condition of the people who experience it.

Thanks to the presence of an artificial intelligence platform and sensors for detecting critical and intellectual parameters conceived and developed XperiviaAn international information and communication technology group working on the project with seventeen public-private partners, including IRCCS (listed on the Molfeta Stock Exchange, Mulfeta, Puglia) Inrca Of Angona. The institution where the experiment took place, apparently pleasing results. Project and funding Miure, Parkinson’s provides patients with an innovative rehabilitation path based on Irish dance, thanks to which the patient learns and modifies complex movements according to the rhythm of the music. Activity. Irish dance is particularly effective in improving coordination between mind and body, and can be practiced at all ages, helping to maintain proper posture and physical fitness. Through its sensors, the robot can collect the physical and emotional data of live trainees in real time, and enable specialists to adjust and adjust the exercise to the needs of the individual patient. His psychophysical re-education.

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A new context

“It’s a technology that allows the demodicization of therapies by turning the treatment into a playful context,” he explains. Giovanni Mellon, Delivery Manager, Innovation Lab, Exprevia and Coordinator, C-Robotics Project. Patients apparently appreciate it. “They had a lot of fun during the practice, and the system allowed us to improve the movements, collect data for more accurate and functional evaluation, and make great emotional gains in them,” he adds. Giovanni Ricardi, UOC Director of Rehabilitation Medicine at the National Institute of Hospitalization, is the only accredited institution in Italy to specialize in the field of geriatrics and gerontology among the existing 51 scientific institutes in the national area for the care of the elderly in Angona. “The robot’s coordinate movements of the upper and lower limbs, in cross patterns, in all directions, rhythmically reducing the risk of falling and improving the cognitive aspect.” In addition to Exprevia and Inca, Item Oxygen, R2M Solution, Griffo Multimedia, Nexus 2U, CooperSafety, Fontasion Neuron Only, CSS Religion and Cult Foundation Casa Solivio de Soflia de Soflia School of University Studies and Specialization Sant Anna, University of Milan, University of Rome La Sapienza, Polytechnic University of March, Bruno Kessler Foundation, “Eduardo R. Cayaniallo” International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies.

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