Parents need to find ‘alternative ways’ to celebrate LC results

Parents need to find ‘alternative ways’ to celebrate LC results

Parents of Cert students should develop “alternative ways” to celebrate their results next week to prevent the spread of Kovid-19, the HSE chief said.

Paul Reid said parents and guardians will be encouraged to “talk openly” with their Living Cert children about the dangers of socialization once their results are available.

About 60,000 Living Cert students will receive their final estimated grade results Monday at 9 p.m.

Recognizing how different this year’s results will be, the raid ressed the “disappointment and frustration” experienced by many students that their results could not be celebrated “normally.”

He acknowledged the “burden” of these young people on the loss of traditional landmarks and the uncertainty caused by the epidemic.

Young people play a major role in helping families during an epidemic, with a small minority engaging in irresponsible behavior but endangering other people.

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