Panhellenic: What are candidates’ first priorities – Strategaki’s analysis for each field

Panhellenic: What are candidates' first priorities - Strategaki's analysis for each field

Long road to it Panhellenic 2023, thousands of candidates for the next exams have started passing.

This year, for the first time, it has already been announced – from September 9 – Detailed program of the 2023 Panhellenic Games For GEL, EPAL, Special, Music courses and TEFAA, candidates and teachers already know Gravity factors.

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Now, two years after the implementation of the minimum admission base, safe conclusions can be drawn about candidate preferences. “The applicants’ first preferences, as it appears from the schools’ statement in their computer bulletin, are very important, because they show us what they want to study. Of course, after establishing the minimum admission base, to register a school, candidates must exceed the threshold of EBE” Mr. Stratos StratigakisMathematician, career consultant, creator of

According to Mr. Stratigakis, the “disruption” of the EBE “reduced the first preferences of many schools in the last two years. Anyway, it is possible to look at the most popular schools in 2022 and compare the candidates’ first preferences with 2021. The EBE was there both years, so there is no problem with the comparison.”

Panhellenic: Candidates’ first preferences

First field

In the first field, according to Stratos Stratigakis, “the Law School of Athens is the leader, which traditionally gathers the most preferences. 1169 candidates declared this as their first choice this year. Three psychology departments in Athens and Thessaloniki are included in the 10 most popular schools, a decrease compared to last year, which is fair, because “Candidates in the first field are about 20% less this year than last year. Demand for Athens English literature has increased, as has Athens secondary education pedagogy. The political science department in Thessaloniki has closed the ten most popular schools,” he adds.

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2nd field

In the 2nd field, Mr. Stratigakis continues, “Electrical engineers at NTUA collect the most first preferences, and for another year, twice as many preferences as NTUA’s second most popular ten, mechanical engineers. The Volos department has the most first preferences among architecture schools with 257 preferences, followed by the corresponding NTUA department with 231.” was. The increase in the first preferences of the Volos category is remarkable, because last year only 6 candidates declared this category as their first preference. Indeed, the Volos department reduced the EBE coefficient and apparently more candidates were able to declare it. And, as he explains, “After the revival of the construction sector, the most popular Among the departments, civil engineers are in demand with Thessaloniki and Athens in the top ten”.

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3rd field

Regarding the third field, Mr. Stratigakis underlines, “As expected, medical schools occupy 4 positions among the 10 most popular schools. Thessaloniki Dentistry is the first choice of 417 candidates compared to last year (631 this year, 214 compared to last year). This is the biggest increase in preferences this year after ELAS officers. .The Department of Physiotherapy of Thessaloniki is ranked fourth, increasing the number of first preferences to 145 compared to 2021. The Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University.Western Attica is ranked fifth in the first preferences, overtaking Dentistry in Athens.

The fourth field

At the same time, in field 4 “4 of the 10 most popular at the Athens University of Economics, the Department of Administrative Science and Technology came first, reducing the number of first preferences from 870 to 760 this year. The Departments of Informatics belong to fields 2 and 4, so they in public schools,” notes Stratos Stratigakis.

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What about regular schools?

However, there are also schools that have declared multiple fields. “In this category, the pedagogy of primary education in Thessaloniki collects the first preferences, followed by Greek police officers, which saw a significant increase in demand compared to last year. In particular, 1239 candidates declared this as their first priority this year, compared to 752 last year,” says Mr. Stratigakis. Fire officers and the School of Police, he emphasizes in conclusion, “are in the top ten. The Informatics Departments of EKPA, AUTH and OPA increased their first priorities and took three places in the top ten. The Chemistry Department of Thessaloniki increased the number of candidates it received in their first priorities by 207 candidates (out of 627). from to 834)”.

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*O Stratos Stratigakis is a mathematician, career consultant, creator and administrator of

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