Panasonic hacker attack |

Panasonic hacker attack |

Japanese Community Panasonic Corporation A hit Cyber ​​attack To its Canadian operations. Attack, six months after the first attack Data breach.

The company confirmed today that the attack had taken place.

Panasonic claims to be involved in the restorationIdentification Magnitude of the impact, Suppression Of MalwareThe Cleaning as well as Restoration Of services, the Reconstruction Of applications Communication With customers and authorities.

Panasonic did not disclose whether the data was stolen or what type of hacking was involved in the attack.

VX-UndergroundA malware research group, however, said the group on Twitter Conti ransomware Claimed responsibility for the attack.

Who is Conte?

Conti is a rich group with a long list of ransomware Victims.

Irish Health Service, Advantech Co. Ltd., Hardware and Software Manufacturers for Voice over-Internet Protocols Sangoma Technologies Corporation, Hospitals in Florida and Texas, Tesla Inc., Apple Inc. Conte’s victims include Delta Electronics’s suppliers. Inc. in January and Kitchenware maker Mayer Corporation US in February.

Although he usually makes headlines for his ransomware attacks, Conte himself has been in the spotlight lately. An anonymous member did in March Leakage Internal documentation After the group came to the scene in support of the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

The Leakage In the days following the Russian occupation, de Conti began at the end of February Leaker “Ukraine has support,” he said. Includes leaked files Registering From ChatI’Infrastructure as well asEconomy How the team works. It is noteworthy that part of the correspondence shows that Kontik has links with the Kremlin and the Russian government.

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Panasonic: The latest in a series of accidents

The fact that Panasonic has been hit by data breaches twice in six months reinforces the notion that data is now a currency that drives not only businesses but also hackers. The amount of sensitive data currently available in the cloud is staggering and increasing.

Amit Sheikh, CEO and co-founder of Public Cloud Data Protection Company Laminar Limited.

Shaked explained that there is one Issue And more Security team They have no idea where theirs is Sensitive data In Cloud That’s it “You can not save what you do not see”.

In order to be protected from most data breaches today, organizations need to have complete data monitoring and adopt a data-centric approach to security. This allows security teams to determine where an organization’s most sensitive data is, whether it has adequate controls and whether it is being monitored or not.

Shake and add.

Danny Lopez, chief executive officer of Glasswall Solutions Ltd., a detection-based security firm, commented. Procedure And policies Well implementedOpponents can not escape from constantly trying to search Weakness as well as Add malware In the environment; Often used Business records every day.

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