Palermo Airport between new flights and genuine tampons: Summer begins

Palermo Airport between new flights and genuine tampons: Summer begins

Summer flight season opens at Palermo Falcon Borcelino International Airport: 91 destinations connecting 21 countries (27 national, 64 international); 31 airlines (4 first operating in Palermo: Blue Air, Lot, Lumwings, Wis Air); A new Wis Air base, which joins existing Alitalia, Ryanair and Volotia. There is a lot of news during the summer, an interesting and intense summer event that will allow you to travel long distances in Italy, thanks to 27 domestic routes, and to reappear in Europe through a network of dense connections.


Initially there were routes such as Forle (Lumivings), Perugia, Cuneo, Rimini, Liv, Algero, and Cagliari (Ryanair); The return of Amsterdam with EasyJet opens up ties with Milan Lynette and Seville (Ryanair). Not to mention flights to London, Paris and Munich with British Airways, Air France and Lufthansa.
The most popular place is France: Twelve Connections. Germany follows with eleven destinations, followed by England with six.

Safety: Commuter pads for departure and arrival

Those leaving the airport are likely to have an advantage over those arriving Perform Quick Kylace operation free of charge, essential for complete safety and travel from a green pass perspective. This is thanks to the agreement between the ASP and the GESP in Palermo and the local health department and the office of the Kovid Emergency Commissioner in Palermo. Kailash operates in an area of ​​1,000 square meters, known as the “Kovid Test Area”, 700 meters from the airport.

In addition, Palermo Airport – never closed during a pandemic – applies all government-issued anticoagulant protocols and welcomes passengers with complete safety: obligation to wear a mask, constant hygiene of terminal environments, diversion routes between inbound and battobound controllers , Signs to keep distance between passengers, best announcements about laws to avoid contagious diseases.

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Summer flight schedule

You can fly from Palermo Airport

To 27 national routes: Alghero (Ryanair), Angona (Volotia), Naples (Volotia, EasyJet, Ryanair), Barry (Ryanair, Volotia), Olbia (Volotia), Cagliari (Ryanair, Volotia), Pescara (Volota), Florence ), Pizza (Ryanair, Wis Air), Genoa (Volotia), Bologna (Ryanair, Wis Air,), Venice (Ryanair, Wolotia), Verona (Wolotia, Ryanair, Wis Air, Nios). ), Perugia (Ryanair), Kunio (Ryanair), Rimini (Ryanair), Pantelleria and Lampedusa (DAT), Forley (Lumwings).
12 connections with France: Paris Charles de Gaulle (Air France, Trade Air), Paris Orly (EasyJet, Transavia), Lyon (EasyJet, Transavia, Volotia, Trade Air), Toulouse (Ryanair, Volotia), Buas Tilley (Ryanair), Marseille (Ryanair), Dauville (Trade Air), Nantes (Transausavia, Volotia, Trade Air), Montpellier (Transausavia), Lille (Tuifly Belgium), Strasbourg (Volotia);
11 connections with Germany: Cologne (Ryanair, Eurowings), Stuttgart (Eurowings), Frankfurt (Lufthansa), Munich (Lufthansa), Dറെsseldorf (Eurowings), Nuremberg (Ryanair), Berlin Brandenburg (Ryanair), Frankie
6 routes to Great Britain and Ireland: Laundra Heathrow (British Airways), Laundra Stansted (Ryanair), Laundra Gatwick (EasyJet), Laundra Luton (EasyJet, Wis Air), Manchester (Ryanair), Dublin (Ryanair);
13 routes to Poland, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine and Greece: Krakow (Ryanair), Rocklow (Ryanair, Lott), Katowice (AMC Aviation / Blue Panorama), Warsaw (Lott), Bucharest Otopeni (Ryanair), Budapest (Ryanair); Split (Volotia), Dubrovnik (Volotia) Liv (Ryanair), Corfu (Volotia), Santorini (Volotia, Ryanair), Rhodes (Volotia), Sacintos (Volotia);
– 8 routes to Spain: Madrid (Ryanair, Iberia Express), Valencia (Ryanair), Seville (Ryanair), Barcelona (Wolling), Malaga (Volotia), Bilbao (Volota), Palma de Mallorca (Volota);
5 routes to Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg: Brussels (Brussels Airlines, Tufly Belgium), Chalroy (Ryanair), Amsterdam (EasyJet), Rotterdam (Transavia), Lasumbergo (Luxere);
– 4 routes to Switzerland and Austria: Geneva (EasyJet), Zurich (Switzerland), Basel (Wis Air) and Vienna (Ryanair);
3 routes to Norway, Sweden and Denmark: Oslo (Scandinavian), Stockholm (Scandinavian, Norwegian), Copenhagen (Scandinavian);
1 Tunisia: Tunisia (Tunisare Express)
1 Malta: Malta (Air Malta).

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Filed 2020 as the annual horror of air traffic due to the epidemic, this number began to show a slower turnaround in the number of flights and passengers by 2021, which will be more stable from June to July, but without it we can talk about a full recovery compared to 2019.

Palermo Airport Management Company closed January with 87,606 passengers and 1,277 flights, February 72,099 – 728, March 91,137 – 951 and April 130,176 -1,547, according to figures from the Gazette Statistics Office. Compared to 2020, the first four months of 2021 accounted for -57.11 per cent of passenger (approximately 500 thousand less) and -41.01 per cent of flights (approximately 3,100 fewer flights).

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