Pakistan’s PM ousted

Pakistan's PM ousted

Imran Khan’s moves to stay in power failed. On Saturday, April 9, the Pakistani delegation was preparing to overthrow his government. The vote comes as the Supreme Court on Thursday struck down the Pakistani prime minister. The second attempt was made to escape this opposition resolution by dissolving the National Assembly four days ago and calling for early general elections.

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Five magistrates in the country’s highest court have unanimously ruled that the no-confidence motion was unconstitutional and that any subsequent decision would have no legal effect. So the National Assembly and the government were restored.

At 69, the former glory of cricket can no longer escape impeachment: he lost a majority in the lower house of parliament, fell victim to a defection within his own ranks and alliance, and brought him to the helm of the country in 2018. 220 million inhabitants, possessing nuclear weapons.

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“I accept the decision of the court and I respect the justice system of Pakistan.” On Friday evening, the Prime Minister said he would not approve of an opposition government. He also called on his followers to come down “Peacefully” On the street, Sunday. He seized the opportunity to call on two major rivals, the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), two groups that have shared power with the military for decades. Of the Government.

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Imran Khan regretted that his allegations were not taken into account by the country’s Supreme Court“Intervention” Brought against America. He accused Washington of being the source of an international conspiracy to overthrow itself because of its ties with China and Russia.

Debt, inflation, unemployment

Opposition groups called for a cease-fire in protest of the recent election victory of two former prime ministers, Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto. Crossing the country is important. Debt, inflation and unemployment significantly reduced activity, and Imran Khan had to approach the International Monetary Fund. The rupee has depreciated sharply in recent days.

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