Paimpol: Two new faces at the helm of Chombart de Loew College – Paimpol

Paimpol: Two new faces at the helm of Chombart de Loew College - Paimpol

Emmanuel Leroy is the new principal of Chombart College in Lowe. He was previously responsible for the Jules-Verne High School in Guingamp and replaced François Corfdir, who asserted his right to retire. Alan Richard replaces Morgan Lelchat, who left for Tregear. The latter is not unknown in the Pympole area, as he was for a long time president of the Logiwi-Cannot-Club (LCC).

Both refer to the beginning of the new academic year and start with numbers, which will be 470 young people in 21 classes, including four adapted education. There are four classes per level except in 4th, which has five. The peculiarity of 4 is that they are sure to stay in Ireland in the spring. For other outputs at other levels, it is still under study. As for the June patent results, the Professional Series achieved 86.3% success while the General Series achieved 85.8% success. A drop of one or two points explains a certain drop during the covid crisis.

130 words per minute in reading by sixth grade

“The institution is experiencing a steady pre-return with 43 teachers who are all employed and have no major work other than allocating lockers to each student”. College shows no problems and prefers to focus on what to do from Thursday, September 1. “In sixth grade, we begin with work aimed at closing the gap between children, especially in reading. They must be able to read 130 words per minute, some 110 or 115, others 80″, assures Emmanuel Leroy. “We will emphasize the knowledge of trades for levels 4 and 3 and this year we will emphasize sports training”, adds Alan Richard. The past passed in a very special way for everyone due to the pandemic. Both want to remember the two years. “For some children and teenagers, while the college offers 4 hours of lessons a week, incarceration has stopped all sports activities. Distance learning courses are often difficult for some of them. This emphasis on sports has prompted the college to request the label “Generation 2024”.

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Self-service aims for 50% organic or responsible food

Another emphasis is on culture, with plans to go to the theatre, cinema and shows. Apart from European languages ​​and cultures, the college is also involved in sustainable development and coastal issues. As at the national level, the Public College of Pympole teaches its youth to deal with conflicts as much as possible. “We provide the keys and encourage people to talk.” Self, no change always 50% organic short circuit tendency an effort, responsibility and local.

The start of the academic year is on Thursday 1st at 8am for sixth form students only and they will have institution all day. Their parents will be welcomed for coffee at 9am. Other levels will arrive at school on Friday 2nd at 8am.


Collège Chombert de Louve, Paimpol, 17 rue de Lanvignec; phone 02 96 55 30 40.

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