Packages and codes for Kuwait-based Ray Telecom Company 2021

Packages and codes for Kuwait-based Ray Telecom Company 2021

Oredo has been considered a leader in the telecommunications sector in Kuwait since its founding in 1999, with the most sought after packages and codes of Oored Rado within the State of Kuwait, whether they are official nationals or expatriates working within Kuwait. Users have been offered a number of offers, including monthly ored rado packages and ored rado internet offers, and through this article, we will learn about ored rado packages and codes.

Ooredoo packages and codes

Individuals in Kuwait need to know the ored radio packages and codes to choose the most suitable package to use from the multiple options provided by the company, whether these packages are for internet or communication.

Oradea Telecom Packages

Oored Rado offers a comprehensive set of communication packages that vary in value given to each package to suit all customers, namely:

10 includes

In this package, the customer receives unlimited calls and text messages to numbers on the same network, and local calls for two hundred and fifty minutes and ten gigabytes of internet per month for only ten dinars.

15 includes

With the Shamel 15 package, the customer gets unlimited calls and text messages within the same company, as well as five hundred minutes for local calls, thirty gigabytes of internet, and only fifteen dinars.

20 includes

With this package, you can get unlimited calls and messages to the same network, unlimited local calls, and 100 gigabytes of mobile internet for as little as 20 dinars.

30 includes

This package is different from Shamel 20, in that it increases internet usage to 500 gigabytes instead of 100 gigabytes, and pays only thirty dinars.

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Oradea Company Codes

Individuals use company shortcodes to obtain certain information or divert calls, and use the following codes:

  • To find the balance, individuals call * 200 #
  • To find out more about Ooredoo services, call * 113 #
  • To activate the mobile internet service, dial * 151 #
  • To activate Anti-Disturbance to block some calls, dial * 308 #
  • For call redirection service, call # 21 #
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