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Apple’s drop tracker airtag was reportedly attached to the car and was targeted by a car thief.

John Nelson, who lives in Michigan, USA, spent about two hours visiting a local shopping center. After leaving with his 2018 Dodge Charger, he said he was notified that his iPhone had been “tracked by an unknown airtag”.

When you tap the notification, the iPhone Airtag offers an option to make a sound.Security measures developed by Apple to detect suspicious air tags around youOne of them. As Mr. Nelson followed the noise, he found an airtag under the drain cap on the car’s trunk. This time the car thief changed his hat and put on an airtag.

Nelson told local media that the car thief’s goal was to “scrap the car and remove the parts.”

Michigan Automobile Theft Countermeasures headquarters also commented that “such cases” are on the rise in the Detroit area. The strategy is to first track the target car using the airtag and steal it at the appropriate time. Moreover, Dodge cars like Mr. Nelson often seem to be the target.

The other day, Canadian local police said there were more and more cases of burglars targeting luxury cars for misusing the airtag.Was reported.. Explains how to search expensive cars in shopping malls and parking lots, prepare airtags, track the victim’s home, and steal unobstructed space.

Fortunately, in Mr. Nelson’s case, I had an iPhone (iOS 14.5 or later) that informed me of an anonymous airtag, so I hope I can prevent it before it’s stolen.Android Detection App “Tracker Detect”Distribution has also begun.

However, when AirTag notifications are automatically enabled on the iPhone, the Tracker Detector app for Android should make it difficult for the user to launch and deliberately scan. If AirTag abuse continues to grow, Apple may need to take further action.

Source:Fox2 Detroit


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