Overtime | Dancer with foxes – ice hockey

Overtime |  Dancer with foxes - ice hockey

Greg Ireland (left), HC Brickson (right). © D Life / Facebook Brixen Alex Piok

Here’s the new Sport News Overtime – as well as the teams that were promoted and eliminated during last Ice Hockey Week. Today the focus is on: HC Boson with its successful coach Greg Ireland and recently the Brixner Falcon who dived a little.

Climbing: Greg Ireland (HC Boson)

The 55-year-old ice hockey instructor from Ontario has achieved something that none of his predecessors had ever done before, including the headliners Kai Sukanen and Tom Pokal: who led HC Bose (formerly EBEL) to regular season success in the ICEE Hockey League. So far, the Foxes have had two of four best places from 2014 to 2017 as the best place at the end of the base round.

This historic victory is certainly not based on Ireland alone. However, it was he who formed the successful unit from the long-running local HCB cracks, the extraordinary aliens like Ivan Deluca and Simon Pittshire. Ireland make a tough declaration and demand a lot of players, while always having an open ear for its defenders, showing him great interest in the snow. This is another reason why players are valued so much. However, the general rule is that victory will only become an intermediate stage, as Ireland’s main goal is to win the title. This is the first major trophy in a coaching career of nearly 30 years.

Deportees: HC Brixen (IHL)

First of all: HC Brixon has had a strong season in the IHL so far. However, for the past few weeks I have been getting into a small sand machine. Instead of being at the top of the table, it is time to tighten control again so as not to lose the best playoff starting position we have gained in the coming months.

Review: The Falcons suffered a heavy 7-3 defeat to the current bottom group Allege two weeks ago, so they lost the top jump. The next avoidable defeat was against HC Epan, who had ended the rankings the last few weeks. Badly broken Ü Beretzsher started with only 14 field players, but they faced Brixon 3-2. There are currently 6 teams within 5 points, battling for 5 play-off tickets. Brixen is still 20 points lower than a game fourth, and will reach the playoffs without any problems – if the defeats against the two Table Stragglers were just slip-ups.

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