Overseas Spoletini: Stefano Cicarini at the School of ‘Beard and Hair’ in Green Ireland | Two world news

Overseas Spoletini: Stefano Cicarini at the School of 'Beard and Hair' in Green Ireland |  Two world news

The young pizza chef from Spoleto changes his life and starts a professional training course in Dublin

In Alessio Cao

(DMN) – Spoletini returns from a foreign column, which today takes you on a short trip to Green Ireland, especially Dublin, to learn about the training and work experience of our fellow citizen Stefano Cesarini.
Stefano, a 21-year-old and well-known pizza chef at the Il Caminetto restaurant in Campelo Sul Klituno, has decided to change his life to pursue his dream and start a new professional path from scratch. You can hear the story from his words.

Hello Stefano, Challenging choice to completely change jobs and start a new training course. How was your idea born?
During the first lockdown, the idea grew, and I began to consider this great life change, to turn my passion into my new career path. Leaving my old job years later was not entirely easy, but the desire not to live with the regret of not trying made me better, so I decided to communicate with my employers last July. I am working on my decision. Certainly not suffering and not easy to take, but at least until now it has given me great satisfaction and joy, and I hope it will continue to give me even in the future.

A different and technical job training like barber is required. What course are you studying and where?
Menspire is one of the most popular brands in the world for men’s cut and all the techniques behind it, so I decided to entrust my training to them by joining an introductory course organized by the Menspire Academy in Dublin. Of course 15 weeks, 5 days a week, 7 hours a day, on Saturdays I spend my time in one of their shops in the capital, where I try to maximize my time, watching the kids closely and trying to steal as much knowledge as possible from the consultation. With the customer, to various cutting techniques, styling and other information about customer care.

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Why the election in Ireland?
The choice was between London and Dublin, the headquarters of the Mensfire brand academies.
I chose Dublin because during the lockdown I started asking for information about their courses from the managers in Ireland, Glenn McGoldrick and Patrick Brown, who showed me great availability, professionalism and humility. Easier.
The focus in Dublin is very low compared to London, and I have never been to Ireland, so a very simple choice.

Let’s live as “Spoletto overseas”, how did you find yourself in Dublin? The pros and cons of Ireland?
The first six weeks of the course flew by and I had very little time to visit the city, but of course the city and the Irish immediately made a big impression on me. Available to help you, well, they are more Italians than you can imagine

Ireland is the only European country to go back to Lockdown. How did you live this experience and what was involved in your formation journey?
Unfortunately yes, Ireland was the first European country to re-elect a 6-week lockdown, trying to block the second wave at the bud. As a result, even the academy was forced to close, and I had to return to Italy for news of the resumption date.

We come to future projects. Will your new job train in Italy or abroad? Maybe in Spoleto?
Currently my focus is on trying to complete my course in the best possible way, without thinking too much about the future and without putting too much pressure.
What I am trying to find next will be a job that gives me the opportunity to grow professionally and humanely, and it will allow me to continue to invest in my training with the Menspire brand.
If this salon were to be in Spoleto, I would be thrilled to give our community the feeling that I feel !! So fingers crossed!

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