Outraged Aston Villa fans all say the same thing about ‘Clueless’ Jack Greilish’s decision

Outraged Aston Villa fans all say the same thing about 'Clueless' Jack Greilish's decision

Jack was benched by Gareth Southgate for Belgium’s Nations League clash today at Wembley.

In the 3-0 win over Wales on Thursday, the Aston Villa captain shone in a man-of-the-match display throughout his England debut.

He scored the first goal of Dominic Calvert-Levine, capturing the praise of pundits.

Greisson returned to the bench with Villa team-mate Tyrone Mings in the starting XI. Marcus Rashford for Southgate 3-4-3 setup and Calvert Levine for center.

Ahead of this evening’s match, Southgate Gascoin said: “I do not want to diminish my excitement for Jack.

“When you talk about Gasco, there is no player in English history who has been like that. I think gascoin is very special. It’s like talking about Bobby Moore. ”

Although Southgate played 250 times for Villa between 1995 and 2001, the 50-year-old became more popular with his former club fans.

Here is a list of responses received on social media for the omission of Greelish.

@HeilandAu1: He is a man of no ambiguity in any way who does not include Greelish there.

Quentin_gsp: No Greek party.

Am JamiaVFC: Is it bad that I want to beat England? To show what happens when you do not start the most form player on the team sheet. Southgate man, what a joke.

AckJackdotcom: Southgate takes Bruce’s tips. Three right backs.

OmTomlxnee: Three right backs, Magware starts, no Greece or Cody; Gareth Mount Mountgate loooooooooooooool in full effect.

GrealishSZNN: No way, didn’t Man of the Match create the first team in Europe’s most form attacking Mid + England debut match? Unrealistic man.

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Thejourneyman01: The manager of England has a serious problem, so I hope we lose bad !!.

Ather NathanDowe: The complete shake-up of a manager. Honestly a laughing stock.

Ark Markavpari: We hope to be broken.

Al Ralph Rossepi: What did Mount Mountain do to deserve it in Greek? Disrespect.

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