Outgoing President Ruman Radev reaffirms Bulgaria referendum

Outgoing President Ruman Radev reaffirms Bulgaria referendum

Success declared on Bulgaria For the outgoing head of state Rumen Radev In the presidential run-off, according to the first preliminary results, the challenger was far behind Anastas Gergikov. With the support of the Socialists, Radev actually won 65.7 percent of the voteAccording to the first exit poll of Gallup International Broadcast on public TV Bnt, The former prime minister, with the support of the conservative Gerb party, clearly defeated his opponent Boyko Borisov, Which won 31.5% of the vote. The Central Election Commission (CEC) estimates that the turnout will be much lower – the latest figures from 16 clubs (15 Italians), four hours before polling stations close, spoke of more. 24% Partnership.

Rumen Radev, 58, a General Retired, former head of the Bulgarian Air Force. He does not belong to any political group. Even if the Socialist Party had supported him, Radev would not have received a few votes, even from followers of other political groups. He did not question Bulgaria’s membership during the election campaign EU E And so on, However, pointed out that one must be pragmatic in foreign policy. “The occupation of Crimea is a violation of international law, but there are political realities, and now Crimea is Russian,” Radev said in a televised interview with Gergiko last Friday. He added that the EU sanctions on Russia were counterproductive EU-Russia It should be restored to fix the problem at the discussion table. Regarding Bulgaria’s veto at the beginning of negotiations for EU accession to Northern Macedonia, Radev reiterated that Skopje was not yet ready to begin the process, citing its neighbor’s anti-Bulgarian policy.

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During his first tenure, Radev consistently fulfilled his commitment to the fight against corruption. He publicly encouraged thousands of protesters who took to the streets every day for several months last year to protest in the big cities, demanding the resignation of Gerby’s leader, Conservative Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. Radev then sent a message to the nation that “the Bulgarians were competing against corruption and the dishonest lies of the rulers” and that “the growing alliance of the government with the Mafia forced them to ignore their political connections.” To raise demands for legitimacy and the restoration of fundamental civil rights. ” Last Sunday The new center-right party’s Let’s Continue for Change ‘(CC) is its main objective in the fight against corruption. CC entered Parliament as the first political force and received the first exploration order from Radev to form the new government. Its two leaders, Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev, were finance and finance ministers in the first interim government appointed by President Radev after the vote last April, followed by early elections in July.

Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic with limited powers and a majority of representatives, although the president is elected by universal suffrage. His term is five years and can only be renewed once. It is against this backdrop that the latest election in Bulgaria took place Health condition The strong resumption of the Pandemic is worrying. Although there has been a decrease in new infections in recent years, the number of deaths is high and the percentage of people who have completed the vaccination cycle is low. 25%.

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