Outdated Wi-Fi router software affects Internet network security | Business

Outdated Wi-Fi router software affects Internet network security |  Business

“Even if your home WiFi connection works very well, it’s important to update your router’s software regularly to ensure network security,” Mantas Ujupis, Tele2’s IT security expert, explains in a press release.

Dangers of old software

The software is pre-installed on the router and, like systems running on smart devices, controls all the internal functions of the device. For example, it allows the router to communicate wirelessly with your devices, such as a telephone, smart pump, or refrigerator. Software helps protect your network from malware, viruses, and other threats, but it needs to be updated periodically to ensure the most efficient and secure operation.

Careless and improper maintenance of the router can endanger personal data, equipment, and even bank accounts. One-time access to your network is enough to inflict enough damage on cyber hackers. Hackers can see what you are doing online, hack your passwords, hack your network and use it for other hacking. Updating the router software will not only make your network more secure, but also improve your internet connection.

How to upgrade?

Manufacturers periodically release software updates for your router, which not only add to the functionality of the software but also fix bugs found. As the number of devices connected to the Internet and the data they store on your home network increases, it becomes more important to update your router.

Connect the router to the computer and enter the IP address

First, connect the router to the computer using an Ethernet cable. Finding the IP address of this device is a bit more complicated. It can be listed at the bottom of the router or in the Network Status section of your computer (Windows). The device IP address also appears on the Windows command line (command prompt): Select Start> Run, type cmd and click Enter. Type “ipconfig” in the black box and tap Enter in the cartel.

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Finally, look for a default gateway, usually with an IP address of, but this may vary depending on the manufacturer. On Macs, click System Preferences> Network, select the Wi-Fi you use on the left, and then tap Advanced. Finally, select the “TCP / IP” section and you will find the IP address next to the router selection. When the new browser window opens, enter https: // and the IP address.

Enter login information

When the configuration page opens, enter your router login information. You can find it on the device info sticker – username and password – or on the manufacturer’s website. To ensure network security, you should change the standard manufacturer’s passwords, which are valid for all manufacturers, into your own login information.

Go to Update Router or Firmware Update

Their location may vary depending on the manufacturer. You can usually find them in the Advanced System Tools section.

Click the “Check Now” button on the update page

This will allow you to check for router software updates. You can also check for software updates on your router manufacturer’s website.

Download the required software files

They are usually downloaded in a zip file format. Go to the previous software update page and extract the files and upload them to your router.

Click the Select File button here, select the newly uploaded file and tap Upload. The whole upgrade process may take a few minutes, after which the router will restart

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