Our 10 Gift Ideas for Series Lovers! – Only about TV

Our 10 Gift Ideas for Series Lovers!  - Only about TV

It’s almost Christmas, have you missed the gift ideas? Don’t panic, we’ve prepared a short list of suggestions for fans of the series, we all know one thing, don’t we?

Of course, this is the perfect gift for a loved one who loves the series! Some boxes are even collectible Seduced For example, which takes shape Holy Sisters Book of Shadows. However, a little advice depending on your budget: Choose the complete series rather than single seasons. Sure, there’s nothing more disappointing than having Season 1 of a show we love, but not the rest!

  • Streaming Platform Subscription

But since DVDs and Blu-ray are obsolete for some, why not make an early subscription to one of the many existing streaming platforms? Netflix, Main video, Disney Plus, Apple TV +, jump overThe catalog is huge!

The era of CDs is over, but vinyl is back in fashion! What’s better than a serial soundtrack? We advise you for example That’s it Power game Where From West World, Both from talented music director Ramin Jawadi.

West World Season 2 Red Vinyl - Steelbook, Collector's Version, Video Games - PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch

Since many of the current shows are literary adaptations, we thought presenting books based on this series might make your loved ones happy! Some publishers are making waves This copy of Arsene Lupine by Maurice LeBlanc Netflix series has been updated to resonate or not Science fiction novel 100 Introducing the cast of the show on the cover. You can also choose Comics, As This integral Lock and key. In another section, some books are dedicated to the world of series: we think specifically Gastronogenic, which combines cult series and culinary recipes, Or until Serierama, the guide to the television series.

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Some of you may not have heard of Fango Pop, but you think this is definitely a happy gift! These little statues with disproportionate heads have spread over the years and are now a necessity. For those who love Star Wars, Do not hesitate to give this year’s beauty: Yellow, Baby Yoda, from Mandalorian. Other serial stars: Eleven d Things unfamiliar Where Homer Simpson.

Among the games, you are spoiled for choice! We suggest board games for example Mr. Truve You need to guess the series or movies using illustrations Or more classic A special trivial pursuit extension Friends Where Collector’s version of the monopoly version The ghost that walks. In addition to the originality, know that there is Escape gameThe As it were Legends Office Where That Money Heist. Finally, there is a selection of more suitable video games on the small screen The Witcher, The Last of Us Where Get lost.

The Benefits Products are derived from a series or a movie, and the selection is huge! You can offer that to your loved ones Photo frame with door statue Friends, Mug one piece Barrel-shaped, Statues of Dean and Chevrolet Impala Or even Ring of Lucifer.

Here we have two types of clothing: those reserved for everyday life Sheldon’s T-shirt bassing in The Big Bang Theory, News Snakes on the south side Riverdale, Where A shirt with a statue of Heisenberg breaking Bad. Cosplays used for special occasions like Halloween or for events where everyone can become their favorite character: Integration of the squid game Or Daly dress of Home Of paper.

  • Convention Pass or more
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Here’s a real gift! What better way than to buy products derived from the series and offer your loved ones to see the actors who star in them? Our partner People’s Convention Dedicated offers three upcoming events Supernatural (Scheduled for October 2021 and moved to March 2022) Riverdale And Things unfamiliar on time Neostology Targeting an audience of pretty Little Liars And The Last Kingdom. There are many other conventions, such as trade fairs Paris Manga And Facts In Belgium. If you do not know how such events happen, you can read our latest reports: Eternal Concorded Twilight, Happy Ending Convention sur once upon a time Or the final version of the Paris manga with the actors Smallville, Stargate Where The Big Bang Theory.

People's Convention on Twitter: "# Update Autographs ... "
  • Visited filming locations

Sure, it all depends on your budget, but here are some ideas on where to go to visit the series’ shooting locations! In Paris itself, you can pick up a ticket to enter Louvre A modern version of Arzan Lupine introduced by Omar Sai to treat the skin of Assange Diop or Florence Chasag (Eleanor Bernheim) The art of crime Who works in the famous museum. A little further on, in Ois, you will find Pierfonts Fort Its fans Merlin Definitely appreciated! If your budget allows it, your loved ones will be able to walk the path of heroes Power game Or from The Vikings In Ireland, if you really win the lottery, the city of Los Angeles has several TV studios or series houses. Seduced And Buffy.

Chateau de Pierrefonds, some stories * I want to tell you ... * - more north

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