Oscar Nominated: One of the Best Animated Films of the Year Now Working on Netflix – Movie News

Oscar Nominated: One of the Best Animated Films of the Year Now Working on Netflix - Movie News

Sometimes the real gems of a movie are released on Netflix without any big announcements. Like the Oscar nominated animated film The Breadwinner you can stream right now.


Every month, Netflix sends a press release with new movie and series titles to the streaming platform, which is primarily selective. But in fact there are more works than you first thought, after a little research, we found a real gem with the animated film “The Breadwinner” (“Der Brotverdiener” in German), which you can see from today 1 June 2018. .

Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie has also been an executive producer on international co-productions in Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg, USA and Egypt, with Nora Toomi’s film scoring an average of 78 out of 100 possible. At Rotten Tomatoes, a similar website, 95 percent of all reviews received are positive. The Breadwinner has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Animated Feature of 2018.

That is “The Breadwinner”

Eleven-year-old Parvana (original voice: Sarah Chowdhury) grew up in 2001 in Afghanistan. Large parts of the country are under the control of the Taliban, and one day Parvana’s father is arrested for no apparent reason. To feed her family well in his absence, she cuts her hair and dresses like a boy, because Afghan society has no great respect for girls like her. So she goes to work, knows a world full of dangers, and freedoms she has never known before. When she’s out of work, she weaves stories that give her the strength to search for her father.

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