Oscar, James Bond, Merlin: Weekend SVoD Recap

Oscar, James Bond, Merlin: Weekend SVoD Recap

In this weekend’s SVoD news, we look back on the success of the first streaming at the Oscars. Byproduct James Bond’s James Bond developed by Amazon after the acquisition of MGM and a very surprising announcement about Marilyn Monroe’s sulfur biopic.

If you do not live in a cave, you’ll definitely heard about the Oscars, the 94th edition of which ran overnight from Sunday to Monday. You will have at least one particular blow, in which we will not return. But what you may not know is that this event marked the first real success of streaming platforms in Hollywood. Despite being number one worldwide, Netflix may not be the first SVoD service to bring home the best film image. This is actually a The outsider, CODAAmerican remake Aries family Built by Apple for its Apple TV + platform. The film also won Oscars for Best Adaptation and Best Supporting Actor.

As part of that, Netflix still reclaimed the Best Director award for Jane Campion and her accolades The power of the dog, Had earlier won the same trophy at the Venice Film Festival last year. He also received the latest People’s Choice Award for Los Gatos service Army of the Dead, The manner in which this award is given may be credited to its success – a Twitter hashtag – which benefited the more enthusiastic community around director Zack Snyder. Finally, note the success In the eyes of Tommy Fay Jessica Chastain’s movie has been available on Disney + since March 23 – but has just been released in theaters in the United States.

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Kisses from Beijing (Express)

In the absence of winners, Prime Video still made people talk about it. A few weeks after the formal acquisition of MGM, it seems that Amazon has already decided to make the operation profitable. E-commerce giant James Bond has announced the launch of a project around it. Logically, this is the most profitable franchise recovered in this transaction. Except that the project in question is surprising. Accordingly Variety, No series, no movie, no documentary, the first content to be stamped 007 produced by Amazon will be a game show. The pitch? Pairs of candidates compete in a hunt that takes place in the ancient sites of the saga around the world, with physical examinations and trivial things on the menu. Reward for the winner: 1 million. We hope to see at least a few Aston Martins on this Bond style Beijing Express …

Merlin more sulfur than ever

Return to Netflix for the next announcement. For many years, Marilyn Monroe’s biopic Los Gatos has been preparing for service. Beautiful. We already know that Andrew Dominic will be in charge of the production and Ana de Armas will take over the features of the iconic actress. From the very first edition, we knew that the movie would be as full of sulfur as the later ones, shocking Netflix. The NC-17 classification assigned by the Motion Picture Association for sexually explicit scenes – the strictest possible – has now been confirmed. This is the first Netflix film to receive such a ranking.

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At Disney +, we continue to be smarter. The latest project is related to sympathy Full Monty, Deserves their own mini-series with real actors. Released in 1997, the comedy tells the story of a group of strippers, including workers in northern England, in the wake of the social crisis. The Disney + Series will be back to see them 25 years after the original’s events. A fun idea that we do not expect much, but we hope it will surprise us.

The return of the Dairy girls

It can end as a custom or with a substitute Trailers Of the week. We did not tell you about it in our anonymous weekly suggestions Derry Girls It is a small gem of Irish style comedy. Fortunately, this is the moment the original broadcaster chose, Channel 4, To reveal the first trailer of the third season to be released on Netflix this year. We are very, very excited.

This is another promising trailer that was released late last week OfferA series focusing on the origin of Godfather Written by Francis Ford Coppola, scheduled for late April in Paramount +. The first images are very attractive in rhythm, plot or casting. We are particularly enthusiastic about Dan Fogler’s loyal form (see here) Stunning animals) As a director. Prior to that, the American Service was to descend into the Series Canal by the time it reached France, and the two had recently signed an agreement.

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